Trans Nzoia: Residents decry delays in issuance of govt documents

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 2 Sep, 2021 12:31 | < 1 min read
Trans Nzoia: Residents decry delays in issuance of govt documents. PHOTO: K24 Digital

Chiefs within Endebess Sub County in Trans Nzoia have been accused of frustrating efforts by applicants seeking national identity cards and other crucial government documents.

Youths who have attained the age of 18 told K24 Digital that they are unable to acquire the documents easily hence unable to access government opportunities easily.

“Our applications to acquire national identification cards are delayed for long. We are not given priority by the chiefs who must approve our application forms,” Ms Celestine M’masi said.

They also lamented over inconsistencies in capturing their details claiming that some are wrongly captured.

“My child applied for the identity card but the name that appeared on the document does not match with that on the birth certificate. I have tried amending the names through an affidavit in vain,” Mr. David Tiaba said.

 They also alleged that netizens from neighbouring country of Uganda are being given a priority in the issuance of the documents.

“We wonder why it is hard for Kenyans to acquire identity cards in their own country while applicants from the neighbouring country get them easily,” Mr. Daniel Sapiri claimed.

However, Endebess sub-location chief Wycliffe Muneria dismissed the allegations saying the application process has been smooth.

“Every Kenyan who has attained the age of 18 years has a right to apply for a national identity card should visit relevant offices in Endebess. We are currently not offering the service at the grassroots level,” Mr. Muneria said.

He also rubbished allegations of issuing the cards to Ugandans saying only Kenyans with valid documentation meet the criteria of acquiring the documents.