Githurai 44: Thug shot dead after robbing resident at gunpoint

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On Sat, 4 Mar, 2023 08:49 | 2 mins read
Githurai 44: Thug shot dead after robbing resident at gunpoint
Crime scene as captured in a CCTV. PHOTO/DCI

Police in Githurai 44 shot dead a suspected thug on Friday, March 3 after a robbery with violence incident where he attacked a resident at gunpoint.

In a report through social media, DCI says the said thug who is yet to be identified had laid an ambush for a man who had just arrived at his apartment.

They say the man would later alight his car when the thug pounced on him to rob him while pointing a gun at him with all these actions being captured by the apartment’s CCTV.

"A bloodthirsty thug met our men in their element last night as he and an accomplice escaped a scene of the crime where they had attacked a man at gunpoint. The yet-to-be-identified miscreant had laid an ambush for a man who had just stopped at his apartment at Githurai 44 and was headed to his house for the night."

"No sooner had the man stopped his vehicle and alighted to open the gate than the thug sprung from a row of dark vibandaski’s opposite the gate training his firearm at the hapless man’s jugular. In a videotape from the apartment’s CCTV, the thug was captured as he leapt with long strides and in haste after the man while ordering him to empty all his pockets as he pointed the firearm at him," part of the statement read.

The thug was accompanied by a getaway bodaboda rider who was on standby with his motorbike to flee him after the crime.

However, Kasarani police on night patrol received a distress call about the duo and later run into the motorbike which made a sudden u-turn after spotting the cops.

"After ransacking his pockets, a getaway motorbike screeched to a halt one yard from the scene and the miscreant hopped on it as it sped away, in what appeared to be a well-calculated plan. Or so they thought. Unbeknownst to them, sleuths based at Kasarani who were on patrol had parked their machine adjacent to a dark wall on a bend one kilometre away after doing several circuits, ‘eating root’."

"So when they heard the distress call followed by police communication from control, the Subaru was hastily ignited and headed towards the direction of the loud, male, panic screams. Along the way towards Mokoe road, they saw a motorbike that made a sudden U-turn after spotting the officers," the statement further reads.

The daring thug fired back at the cops before they retaliated and shot him dead while his accomplice managed to escape.

"And as the officers closed in on the bike, the armed thug suddenly disembarked and started running on foot towards a footpath while shooting towards the officers. Left with no other option, one of the crime busters opened fire and silenced him, bringing the chase to an end. The thug’s accomplice who rode the speeding bike with exasperation his behinds barely touching the seat as he bent forward as if to boost the bike’s waning machismo, managed to make his escape in a hair’s breadth."

Officers recovered one Czeska pistol loaded with four rounds of 9mm calibre following the chase.

The thug's body remains at the City morgue awaiting identification.

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