Tharaka Nithi: Man returns home after 53 years

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On Sat, 10 Sep, 2022 21:10 | < 1 min read

Njeru Mbuiru M’Kajiu, a 71-year-old man, has been reunited with his family in Gaciongo in Tharaka North Sub-County, 53 years after missing.

Njeru was last seen at home in 1969 before disappearing under unknown circumstances after altercations that resulted in attacks by strange people, prompting him to vanish from home to seek refuge in the neighboring County of Kitui.

In Kitui County, Njeru, known to the residents as Nzelu Mbarie Kavyu, had been living in Kangondi sub-location in Kitui West, where he would spend most of his time as a casual labourer on farms and is said to have been living with widowed women.

Through efforts by Gatunga Senior Chief Nyaga Kaungu and national government authorities in Kitui, Njeru was reunited with his family, returning home with only a sack of clothes and a panga he had acquired while away.

“He left us when I was still a baby who could barely walk. We are glad he is back safe and sound, and we thank God for his return. When I saw him, I easily recognized him since he has very similar looks to our father”, Njeru’s sister said.

According to Njeru’s brother, his return has brought joy to the family, saying he was in their thought for the most extended time.

Their etheir efforts to locate him in Kitui failed to materialize after they had been tipped of his whereabouts.

Njeru has now requested his family find a suitable wife for him, saying he would require the company of a lady with three or more children than marrying a young wife.

“Get me a mature lady with three or four children. If you get me a young lady, she might get violent and I may not be able to cope with her”, he said.

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