Kericho: 19-year-old student murders ex-lover inside classroom

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 5 May, 2022 17:32 | 2 mins read
Image for representational purpose. PHOTO/Courtesy
Image for representational purpose. PHOTO/Internet

Tragedy, sadness and pain struck Sosiot, Kericho county after a 22-year-old high school student was stabbed to death by her alleged teenage ex-boyfriend inside their classroom following what has been reported to be love gone sour.

According to reports by the DCI, Tony Kiptoo,19 of Keben secondary school stabbed ex-lover Irene Chelagat on the left side of her chest killing her on the spot after she allegedly turned down his romantic advances.

Keben Secondary school admission block in Sosiot, Kericho county. 
Keben Secondary school admission block in Sosiot, Kericho county.

Kiptoo is said to have used a kitchen knife which he had carried from home to school and committed the horrific act just before the morning lessons began.

"Irate classmates descended on Kiptoo as others screamed attracting the attention of the teacher on duty Kenneth Korir, who was in the staff room preparing for the day’s lessons. He immediately rushed to the classroom and found the suspect being roughed up as other students were trying to assist the victim, who was bleeding profusely," part of the statement by the DCI read.

Chelagat was then quickly rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

School officials described Chelagat as a diligent and hardworking student, who performed exceptionally in his English subject.

Investigations by the DCI show that Kiptoo had premeditated Chelagat's murder as he had wished her "peace in death by inscribing the initials R.I.P on a photo later discovered in his cubicle."

The young couple had been in a strained relationship before calling it quits and Chelagat had since moved on. However, Kiptoo could not bear it and became furious after discovering that his former lover had found a new catch, who had since bought her a new smartphone.

Kiptoo remains in custody as detectives seek custodial orders.