Police give update on Nairobi street where TV buyers are forced to pay additional costs after agreed price

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 23 Feb, 2022 12:51 | < 1 min read
Police on patrol along a Nairobi street. PHOTO/NPS

Police in Nairobi have finally reined on rogue traders along the downtown streets of the city where electronics are sold.

The officers acted after they received cries from members of the public who have been conned thousands of shillings.

"They reportedly lure customers with unbeatable offers on new electronics and once the agreed price is paid, they set new conditions that soar the cost; sometimes to double the agreed price, and getting a refund for buyers who opt out of the transaction is reportedly a daunting task," police said in a statement.

Police from Kamukunji Police Station have been patrolling the streets and have helped many customers from being conned their hard-earned money.

"While many victims have benefitted from the timely intervention by our enhanced patrol teams, the unlucky few have ended up paying additional costs to the detriment of their pockets, with unreported incidences of customers losing their hard-earned cash in the daytime thuggery," police stated.

This week, the officers patrolled the areas and found that businesses were being carried out in a genuine manner.

"In our routine spot checks, we have observed a consistent presence of mobile and static police teams along the notorious streets.

"With the overwhelming positive feedback from the public, it is evident shoppers now have an easy shopping experience," police added.