‘Edwin Chiloba was choked with socks, jeans to death’ – Pathologist Johansen Oduor says in autopsy report

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On Wed, 11 Jan, 2023 15:02 | 2 mins read
Collage of the late Edwin Chiloba. PHOTO/Courtesy

Slain LGBTQ activist Edwin Kiprotich alias Edwin Chiloba was suffocated to death by stuffing socks and jeans clothe in his mouth, Government Pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor now says after contacting an autopsy on his body.

Oduor said Chiloba died due to lack of breath.

"We did an autopsy on the body of Edwin Kiprotich and we found that he died from choking as a result of his nose and mouth being sealed.

"He could not breathe and died shortly after. The first thing we found was that his mouth and nose were stuffed with jeans. There were also socks in his mouth," he said.

Contrary to earlier reports that Chiloba's eyes were gouged out, Oduor said his eyes were intact.

"We did not find any injuries in his body and we are still investigating if he was given drugs so that he could not resist his abductors. 

"The eyes were still there but the body had begun decomposing," he added.

Chiloba's death probe

The US government on Tuesday, January 10 offered to assist Kenyan authorities with their investigations into the killing of the LGBTQ activist.

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price, who is openly gay, called for thorough and transparent investigations into Chiloba's killing.

"We urge and expect the Kenyans to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into his death,” Price told the Washington Blade on Monday, January 9, 2023, during his daily press briefing.

Price further said that the US was ready to assist Kenya in investigating Chiloba's murder should the need arise.

“And of course, if there’s anything we can do to assist, we stand ready to do that," Price added.

The US State Department spokesperson also sent his condolences to Chiloba's family, saying that there are so many LGBTQ members who benefited from the deceased's leadership.

“We sent his condolences to his family, to his loved ones but also to the LGBTQI+ community in Kenya during their time of mourning. There are so many in that community in Kenya who benefitted from his leadership, from his visibility, from his support," Price said.

Prince strongly condemned the violence against LGBTQ members saying that it stems from possible bias or stigma.

“Violence against LGBTQI+ persons or anyone, of course, is unacceptable, but when violence stems from possible bias or stigma, it indirectly harms all members of the targeted community. The ultimate act of intolerance has no place in free and open societies," he said.

Prince's sentiments came before a court in Eldoret allowed the police to detain five suspects linked to Chiloba's murder.

Eldoret Senior Principal Magistrate Richard Odenyo on Monday granted detectives 21 days to detain the five suspects.

The five suspects are; Jacktone Odhiambo, Dennis Litali and three minors.

Investigators are yet to recover Chiloba’s phone, whose data could aid in the arrest of more suspects. 

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