Nominated MCA promises to use her beauty to develop Embu County if elected Woman Rep

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 31 Dec, 2021 11:10 | < 1 min read
Nominated Embu MCA Margaret Lorna Kariuki. PHOTO/COURTESY

Embu residents have been cautioned against electing elderly women to the position of County Women Representative on grounds that they lack energy and beauty to attract development.

Nominated MCA Margaret Lorna Kariuki, who is eying Woman Rep position, has observed that various candidates for the position in Embu county often deceived the electorate by using photos of their young age on campaign posters but are then unable to marshal any meaningful project funding due to what she calls frail physiques.

While vowing to use her beauty, eloquence and vigour to put Embu County on the national development map when elected Woman Rep, the MCA pointed out that counties that elected good-looking and energetic Woman Representatives had forged ahead.

“Development doesn’t just come your way. You have to elect a beautiful woman to attract development. Send me there (to the parliament) as your Woman Representative and I will develop the county since I’m very beautiful as you can all see, " Margaret said.

She at the same time sensationally claimed that previous occupants of the Embu County Woman Representative office had embezzled funds meant for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

The MCA stated that above political charm, an element of intelligence, beauty and flamboyance was important to spar socioeconomic development in a county that had lagged behind as a result of electing lethargic 'retirees' to a seat that required energetic representatives.

She added that elderly Woman Representatives cannot attract or maintain the attention of development partners while some scare away senior government officials who need to be wooed to extend development projects to the county.

She also promised that she would use a multipronged approach to appeal to both donor and government agencies to fund projects in the county.