CS Munya: Try other types of food, stop over-relying on maize flour

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On Fri, 1 Jul, 2022 14:03 | 2 mins read
Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya at a past function. PHOTO/Peter Munya/Twitter

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary (CS) Peter Munya has called on Kenyans to try other types of food and stop over-relying on maize flour.

Speaking at Nakuru Agricultural Show on Friday, July 1, Munya said the country is currently experiencing a maize shortage that has led to skyrocketing cost of unga.

"Kenyans should not depend on maize alone. There are other food items to eat and Kenyans are farming them," he said.

He said eating a variety of food items can make people healthy and strong.

"For us to be healthy, we need to eat different types of foods. I am not saying maize is bad. Look at a difficult situation like now. If you are using one type of food, you will have problems," he said.

He, however, insisted that the Ksh2 subsidy on maize flour will help for now.

The cost of maize flour has nearly doubled in the past one month from Ksh110 to Ksh209. PHOTO/File

Kenya to import maize

The CS further said the government is in talks with Uganda and Zambia to import maize to bridge the biting shortage between now and October.

"The new imports will not affect local production. It is just for a moment because of the drought we are experiencing as a country," he said.

He also cautioned politicians to stop using the maize shortage to further their interests.

"You find very senior people in government talking all over without offering any solution," he said.

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