Kabete man beaten like ‘burukenge’ for trying to rescue neighbour’s screaming wife

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 28 Oct, 2021 13:44 | 2 mins read
Brian Kennedy Otieno, Kelvin Ramis, James Wakalaga and Frank Mwalia at the Kibera law courts. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kabete man who was given a thorough beating by his neighbour while in company of three other friends yesterday went to court to sue him over the same.

Caleb Chimwani reported that he was attacked by a group of people for simply trying to rescue his neighbour’s wife, who was being attacked by the husband.

Following an assault report that was made at Kabete police station, Brian Kennedy Otieno, Kelvin Ramis, James Wakalaga and Frank Mwalia were immediately arrested over the said allegations.

The court heard that the four together with others not before the court “assaulted Caleb causing him injuries on October 24 at a residential estate within Kangemi area in Westlands thereby injuring him”

Caleb’s neighbour was allegedly fighting his wife following a disagreement and according to him, he was responding to a distressing call whereby the neighbour’s wife was screaming for help

He rushed to the scene to check on what was unfolding, only for him to learn the worst.

Apart from the neighbour, Caleb saw two other men who were seated while seemingly enjoying watching the woman receive bitter doses.

When Caleb tried to rescue the woman, the two other men bundled and roughed him up so badly.

In a commotion, one of the attackers rushed to a room in the upstairs where the rest of the assailants were having a merry-go-round meeting and were informed that one of their friends neighbour was being attacked.

They allegedly went downstairs, where they all joined hands in attacking Caleb, leaving him with injuries to the ribs and the head.

An informer who witnessed the whole brawl tipped the police who visited the scene and managed to arrest the four accused persons as the rest fled the scene after spotting the police officers.

The officers escorted the four to Kabete police station and the witness statements were recorded before they were presented before Kibera resident magistrate William Tulei.

They pleaded not guilty, and the matter was set to be mentioned on November 8.