Jimmy Wanjigi breaks bank, gifts comedian Eric Omondi new posh car

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 9 Sep, 2021 17:12 | 2 mins read
Eric Omondi Photo: Courtesy

Comedian Eric Omondi is elated after billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi surprised him with the gift of a brand new sports car. 

In a video shared by the Comedian on Thursday, September 9, Wanjigi congratulated Omondi for the great strides he has made in the field of comedy before he handed him the keys to the Chrysler Crossfire.

Omondi has recently been traversing the country in a campaign dubbed Fagia Wote where he has been popularizing Wanjigi’s bid for the country’s top seat come 2022. 

“You are are doing a good job by marketing this dream to the entire nation. We must pass this message (Fagia Wote) to as many people as possible and we will use this car to do that. It’s a very solid car,” Wanjigi said. 

Speaking to his fans a few days ago, Omondi revealed that he has been contracted by Wanjigi as the billionaire’s chief campaigner for the youth

According to Omondi, Wanjigi has the perfect understanding of what the youths want since he has a business acumen that can lead youths to prosperity.

Vijanaa tunahitaji rais mwenye anatujali. Vijanaa tunahitaji mtu fresh, sura mpya; mtu hajakua kwa ofisi. Vijanaa tunaneed rais mweye anaelewa biashara na mahitaji ya vijanaa. Vijanaa, tunahitaji Jimmy Wanjigi. Vijanaa tunaendorse Jimi Wanjigi, Eric Omondi ninaendorse Jimi Wanjigi.

Eric Omondi na Jimi Wanjigi (Youths need a president who cares for them. Youths need a new leader who has not been in office before, Youths need a president who understands business and the needs youths need. Youths need Jimi Wanjigi; as Eric Omondi I am endorsing Jimi Wanjigi. Eric Omondi is with Jimi Wanjigi,” Eric Omondi said.

Parts of video footage of the comedian endorsing Wanjigi went viral on social media eliciting mixed reactions among Kenyans.

Political commentator Gabriel Oguda on his part criticised Omondi saying he is no longer a youth to advance their agenda. 

“Eric Omondi is 40 years old. He’s no longer a youth, per the definition of the law. So, he can’t purport to speak on behalf of Kenyan youths. He’s better placed to speak as a career comic or professional nudist. It is so declassified,” he tweeted.

Youth advocate Shikoh Kihika also weighed in on the matter and tweeted: “why is Eric Omondi shouting on this video? ama the “payer” of the piper said a shout? Anyway, it’s that time again where the non-Youth decide to eat in the name of young people!”