COVID-19 deaths, cases: Top 12 most-affected countries

By Joel Muinde On Tue, 14 Jul, 2020 10:49 | < 1 min read
Cyril Ramaphosa
South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa. SA is now one of the worst-hit countries in the world by COVID-19. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

Coronavirus has spread around the globe, straining health services and sending billions into forced lockdowns.

As of Tuesday, July 14, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world hit a grim milestone, reaching 12,768, 307 which represents 0.17 percent of the global population.

According to the World Health Organization, in terms of regions, the Americas are the worst-affected with nearly seven million confirmed cases.

Europe is the second-worst hit continent with nearly three million cases. Western Pacific and Africa are the least-affected with 244,219 and 477,575 cases respectively.

Here is the list of the worst-hit countries measured by the number of confirmed cases:

  1. US, 3,225,950
  2. Brazil, 1,839,850
  3. India, 878,254
  4. Russia, 733,699
  5. Peru, 322,710
  6. Chile,315,041
  7. Mexico,295,268
  8. UK,289,607
  9. South Africa, 276,242
  10. Iran, 257, 303
  11. Spain, 253,908
  12. Pakistan, 251,625

However, a more dependable indicator of how the coronavirus pandemic has hit countries is the number of deaths. The disease has hit certain countries harder than others, causing more deaths.

Here is the list of the worst-hit countries measured by the number of deaths as of July 13.

  1. US, 134,392
  2. Brazil, 71,469
  3. UK, 44,819
  4. Italy, 34,954
  5. Mexico, 34,730
  6. France, 29,907
  7. Spain, 28,403
  8. India, 23,174
  9. Iran, 12,829
  10. Peru, 11,682
  11. Russia, 11,439
  12. Belgium, 9,782

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