‘It’s true I sold smokie’- Charlene Ruto defends smokie kachumbari hustle

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On Sun, 11 Dec, 2022 07:43 | 2 mins read
Charlene Ruto
Charlene Ruto at a past event. PHOTO/Courtesy

President William Ruto's daughter Charlene Ruto has maintained that her hustle revelation is true.

Charlene has been under fire for alleging that she sold smokie kachumbari during her days as a student at Daystar University.

"I was in Daystar University and smokie kachumbari was the only thing that was selling, I was encouraged to take up the business," she stated in an undated video that circulated on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

A section of Kenyans criticised her over her remarks and dismissed her claims stating that she was lying since she was the Deputy President's daughter at the time.

Speaking to a Youtuber on Saturday, December 10, 2022, Charlene defended her story stating that it was a true story of events that happened.

"I was somewhere talking to some university students. We were talking about savings and investment, so I thought to encourage them and tell them my story when I used to sell smokie kachumbari at Daystar," she stated

"It's a true story, I used to sell smokies and kachumbari and I think my classmates and people I shared my dormitory with can attest to that, so I have an experience of what the Kenyan youth undergo in different circumstances," she added.

Further, Charlene clarified that her initiatives are for helping Kenyan youth and not politically motivated. She added that she has always wanted to champion the needs of the youth

"I know a lot of Kenyans have been asking what am doing since I'm going around counties. I'm not asking anyone for anyone to give me a position anywhere, I don't need to have a position to do what I'm doing that's why I decided to have my own initiative so that I can help the community and Kenyans and really to be a voice of our youth," she stated.

She added: "I feel there's a lot our president is doing internationally and nationally also our first lady, our cabinet secretaries, ministries, county Governors and that kind of thing but who is standing up for the youth and since our president loves the youth so much we already have a seat on the table but who is going to be the one to push for the youth, so I decided I'm going to be that person,"

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