Several bandits killed as police repulse attack on lorry transporting cattle in Samburu

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On Sun, 17 Jul, 2022 16:05 | < 1 min read
Bandit attack Samburu
A graphic representation of a bandit attack along the Ndonyo Wasin - Sereolipi Road in Samburu county. PHOTO/DCI/Twitter

Several suspected bandits were fatally injured in a fierce exchange of fire with police officers along the Ndonyo Wasin - Sereolipi Road in Samburu county.

In an incident said to have occurred on Wednesday, July 13 but reported by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Sunday, the bandits numbering 50 are said to have ambushed a convoy of vehicles transporting herds of cattle from Ndonyo Wasin market.

Immediately the attackers opened fire to stop the convoy; four police officers escorting the vehicles responded with heavy gunfire to repulse the determined cattle wrestlers.

"Unknown to the raiders, a contingent of police officers based at Sere-Olipi police station was escorting the convoy closely behind," DCI said.

The attackers responded, forcing the team of officers led by Inspector Mwagale to deploy a machine gun.

"An avalanche of fire followed as the gunner unleashed the machine's ferocious firepower, clearing all the bushes used by the thugs for cover and exposing the over 50 bandits armed with AK-47 rifles," DCI added.

Bandits flee

The bandits were forced to flee the scene to save their skins, some leaving behind their firearms.

"The bandits took flight to different directions, some leaving their firearms behind, as the worried cattle rattled inside the lorries," DCI added.

"An unknown number of bandits were fatally wounded following the attack."

DCI said none of the officers was injured during the attack.

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