Alisema ataniongezea Ksh2,000 but hakunipea – Vincent Mboya accuses Mulamwah of riding on his name to chase clout

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 31 Aug, 2021 10:14 | 2 mins read
A collage of Vincent Mboya and comedian Mulamwah. PHOTO: Courtesy.

It has now emerged that comedian David Oyando, commonly known as Mulamwah, promised Vincent Mboya Ksh2,000 but failed to fail to fulfil.

Mboya, who went viral because of his rent-seeking banner targeting comedian Felix Odiwuor and radio presenter Kamene Goro, faulted Mulamwah for peddling malicious information aimed at tainting his image.

"He said he will add me Ksh2,000 when Jalang'o gave me Ksh18,000, but he never did that. I respect him soo much but him saying he wanted to help me is extremely wrong; there is nowhere that he helped me," Mboya said.

According to Mboya, Mulamwah cancelling the alleged music sponsorship deal was not a shock to him because he had not kept several of his promises.

Mboya claims Mulamwah exploited his situation to gain fame by riding on his name to make promises that he couldn't fulfil.

"News ya Mulamwah kutonisaidia haikunishtua because hakukua na mahali agenisaidia ( I was not shocked by the news of Mulamwah helping me because I don’t see how he could have done so)," he said.

"Hiyo siku Mulamwah alisema tanisaidia kurecord ngoma, let me just say the truth, it was just for the camera and everything. He was riding on my name.  He said he will help me and after two weeks he starts saying the projects are ongoing," Mboya added.

On him asking Jalang'o to go for his cash, he said he was doing that in good faith as a way of reciprocaring the kind gestire he was accorded a fortnight ago,

At the same time, Mboya dismissed claims that he is chasing clout adding that he just heeded what Jalang’o told him.

“He told me to go and work hard. How would he know that I have worked hard?” He posed.

On the source of his money barely a month after begging for help, Mboya revealed that he got an endorsement deal that enabled him to get back on his financial feet.