Photos of ailing Kenyan lady in Saudi Arabia spark fury online

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 3 Sep, 2022 14:30 | 2 mins read
Diana Chepkemoi secures job offer, accommodation at former school
Diana Chepkemoi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Furious netizens have joined efforts to call for the return of Kenyan lady Diana Chepkemoi who is reportedly stranded in Saudi Arabia.

This follows viral photos of her which show she is not in a good health state.

Using the #BringBackDianaChepkemoi, they are appealing to the government to help bring her home.

The sad evolution of Diana Chepkemoi since her travel to Saudi Arabia. 
The sad evolution of Diana Chepkemoi since her travel to Saudi Arabia.

Her family while speaking to a local media house said Chepkemoi, a former Meru university student travelled to the gulf early last year after dropping out due to financial constraints.

“Diana is the second born in our family, she was pursuing food science and management before she deferred her studies because of financial issues. She looked for ways to make a living until the mid-last year she got an opportunity to travel to Saudi Arabia as a domestic worker,” Cheptoo said.

Her family say they were in constant communication until recently when it stopped and she was completely unreachable.

“We had occasional video calls and she seemed healthy until mid-July, Diana became unreachable on WhatsApp for a week, I reached out to her on another platform, but she was reluctant and distant, almost scared. Eventually, she disclosed that her boss had confiscated her phone and documents,” she said.

Her sister says she later fell ill but was denied access to medication.

“You could tell something was clearly wrong, she said the boss was mistreating her, she was ill, couldn’t access hospital and her health was deteriorating quickly. The boss would only give her painkillers," she said.

The family have tried reaching her boss who says she will continue her stay until her contract expires.

“We tried to talk to the boss and he said Diana is yet to complete her working days as per the contract she signed and is now holding her hostage. Once you see those photos circulating online, you will agree that my sister needs all the help she can get immediately, I am scared she might not make it home alive,” she lamented.

Diana's agent identified as Susan Makungu termed her case as genuine and urgent.

She says she believes the case is taking a while since Diana works for a high-profile person in Saudi Arabia.

”Diana’s case is taking longer because I am told she works for a high-profile individual and the authority there are scared to access the home. I am ready to pay for the air ticket. I am waiting for foreign affairs and the Kenyan embassy to go to the house and give her an exit. She is sick and they are mistreating her,” she said.