Why one working mum has vowed never to quarrel her house helps again

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 23 Apr, 2020 19:35 | < 1 min read
Nakuru woman says staying home for over a month has been a revelation and vows to make amends on household management.

It was never their fault to begin with, but many house helps across the country, if not the world, have borne the brunt of angry working mothers who blame them for their ever-dwindling kitchenware, especially utensils and crockery.

After staying at home without house helps since Covid-19 disrupted our normal lives, some working mothers have realized that the kind of crockery and utensils that they have been splashing money on are not that durable.

Some are feeling remorseful that they have been quarrelling their house managers unfairly, and for quite a long time.

Joyce Moraa, a working mother, said after staying at home for one month without a house help, one lesson she has learnt is that the plates and cups sold in the local market are too fragile.

Speaking to KNA at her house in Shabab Estate in Nakuru town, Moraa said one mistake she would never repeat was quarrelling her house help over broken items since in just one month, she has broken numberless plates and cups.

“The cutlery in our market is just fake. Once a cup of plate slips from the hand and falls inside a sink, it breaks into pieces, and yet in the past, as we grew up, they could drop and get maybe a crack but not crumble like a piece of paper,” she said.

Now Moraa has resorted to using plastic kitchenware because they don't break.

However, she thinks that the Kenya Bureau of Standards should be a little bit more diligent on what they allow to be imported into the country.