Every colleague knows you took salary advance! Nine bizarre things HR professionals do

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 18 Aug, 2021 15:09 | 3 mins read

Getting employed is a good thing for a majority as it provides livelihood. But does everyone understand the dynamics of work environment and acceptable practices?

Some HR managers have been accused of unprofessional practices either knowingly or unknowingly.

Here are some peculiar things they do at work;

Commissioning rogue Senior Managers

To make it acceptable that senior managers and the CEO are exempted from following the code of conduct and prudent workplace behaviour.

 The CEO will shout at a staff member without being questioned and the HR professional will strive to train employees on how to deal with the rogue executive. An employee shouts at a supervisor in anger and within a few days, they will be seated in a disciplinary hearing.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

There has to be a reasonable level of engagement that should happen with candidates that nearly meet the job specs. How about only “qualified candidates will be contacted” as opposed to only shortlisted candidates will be contacted? What happens when a highly experienced candidate is not shortlisted?

Retrenching staff and taking a day off on the day of issuing letters

 Cowards! If there is any justification for making employees redundant, why can’t you face them head-on and tell them to their faces? Ladies in HR are known to have this habit than men. Very many HR professionals do not have the capacity to relay the bad news. Most often, they pass the blame on the CEO or project a position of blaming the company for unfairness.

Interview delays

Immediately after taking staff through a time management training, they are likely to keep an interviewed candidate waiting for over an hour a day later. Job seekers need jobs, right? They will wait. I suppose this is the mentality they have. The candidates need the job more than the employer need.

No interview feedback:

Less than 5% of employers provide interview feedback. This is worse considering how technology has made automated feedback possible. Internet companies can afford to send emails to thousands of their subscribers while HR cannot send regret letters to, even, a handful of recruitment finalists let alone, say, 50 applicants.

Creating partitions in an organization

There is always the management and then the rest of the organizations and some HR managers are very good at that – making staff feel that they have to be at some levels to have an opinion and making sure that people at certain levels in the organizations are always right. They often work for one side of the organization.

Profiling and discriminating employees

 There was once an HR manager of a bank in Kenya that was known to talk ill against any new employee that resided on the Eastlands side of the City of Nairobi. Eastlands is known to be inhabited by middle to lower classes of the economy. She was notorious at openly implying the choice to stay in Eastlands was a sign of lack of ambition.

There are HR Managers working in the manufacturing industry who cannot let an employee from the factory floor even take a seat in their office.

Gossip epicentre

These are the most lethal HR people, in my opinion. The possible termination of an employee will be known way before it happens. Salaries of new employees are not secrets with these HR people.

If you happen to take a salary advance in a company that has these gossip driven HR professionals, you are doomed. Everyone will get to know how miserable you are. Your pride is lost. You are shamefully broke! And your reason for taking such advances will equally be in the public domain.

Being at the centre of unnecessary competition:

They believe that they should dress better than the rest of the staff and perhaps have superior hairstyles. They should drive better cars and anyone that challenges that standard will attract unnecessary attention – always antagonistic.

They strain their resources to be on the best side of town and live a better life. This means anything that makes a staff member better than them will be scuttled. This includes salary raises and bonus payouts.