AI artist imagines historical figures ‘hitting the gym’

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On Tue, 30 May, 2023 07:07 | < 1 min read
AI artist imagines historical figures ‘hitting the gym’
AI artist imagines historical figures ‘hitting the gym’

Needless to say, we are living in the era of Artificial Intelligence. Artists are now using this powerful technology to generate realistic and stunning artwork that often takes the internet by storm.

Now, an AI artist used artificial intelligence to release intriguing images of historical figures, imagining what they would have looked like if they were gym enthusiasts in their time. The post features Mahatma Gandhi, William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Karl Marx, Rabindranath Tagore, Abraham Lincon, Vincent Van Gogh, Nelson Mandela, Nikola Tesla, and Albert Einstein. 

“Buff historical figures, they’ve been hitting the gym above,’’ artist Sahid wrote while sharing the pictures. He also revealed that he created the pictures using an AI application called Midjourney.

 The images show Mahatma Gandhi in a muscular avatar,  Albert Einstein with a ripped physique, and Rabindranath Tagore showcasing his muscular physique. Other historical figures are also shown as muscular and robust individuals with bulging muscles and biceps. Since being shared five days back, the post has generated more than 4,000 likes and several comments.

Many users were left amused to see the pictures, while others were in awe of the artwork.  One user wrote, ‘’Abram Lincoln looks like Wolverine,’’ while another commented, ‘’Abraham Lincoln = Wolverine, Issac Newton = Brock Lesnar with hair, Karl Marx = Rajnikant.’’


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