5 indoor ways to spice up your Valentine’s Day

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On Tue, 14 Feb, 2023 05:00 | 3 mins read
Valentine's Day gifts. PHOTO/Pexels
Valentine's Day gifts. PHOTO/Pexels

The Valentine's season is with us again, and while the day is an excellent opportunity to express how you feel about your significant other, planning an experience or activity for the day is a great way of showing your partner how much you appreciate them.

Besides the standard chocolates, bouquets and other past Valentine's celebrations, we rummaged through various research points to create a curated list that will turn your day from humdrum to fantastic. All from home.

Flatter your partner

Starting out your day by flattering your partner with sweet words is a great way to uplift their mood. Take it a step further by flirting with them on phone to spice things up as the day progresses.

Girl using her phone. PHOTO/Pexels

You could send flirty messages, or a well-thought voice message to your special someone telling them how much they mean to you and reassuring them of your love.

This helps build anticipation as you get plans for the day sorted.

Indoor picnic

From our various research points, this is an easy-to-execute, one-on-one bonding experience that you can try out with your special one.

Couple having an indoor picnic. PHOTO/Pexels

An abundance of your favourite snacks, fruits or food you like in a candle-lit setting will elevate the experience a notch higher. Don't forget the wine and a soothing playlist of your choice.

Self-care and Spa day

Take a moment to indulge in some self-care with your partner. Depending on the depth of your pocket, viable options such as booking a couple's massage or having a masseuse at your place can be ideal.

You could also choose to become each other's masseuses and give yourselves a worthwhile experience.

Romantic bath can. PHOTO/Pexels

Similarly, you could pamper each other with an at-home facial regardless of whether you have a skincare routine.

For a simplified facial, all you need is a cleaner, an exfoliator, some steam, a jade roller (facial roller) and a moisturizer. If you can go further, choose to do so for a much better experience.

Homemade gifts

A handmade gift is a thoughtful way of showing care to your significant other. The extra time and thought taken into crafting the gift makes it special.

Man surprising partner. PHOTO/Pexels

For awesome ideas, you could gather a bit of knowledge from what your partners like or wish for, then you can follow tutorials on Youtube, Tiktok or any other social media outlets on how to make homemade gifts for them.

Game night

Initiate a game night session with your partner with a sexy twist….wink* wink*.

Couple playing together. PHOTO/Pexels

Thanks to the changing times, there are stashes of cards from gift shops that add a dash of flavour to your games. You can also choose to make your own to suit both of your needs.

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