Trevor reveals he wants to date woman with big behind after breaking up with Eve Mungai

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On Wed, 27 Mar, 2024 16:14 | 2 mins read
Former YouTube couple Trevor and Mungai Eve.
Former YouTube couple Trevor and Mungai Eve. PHOTO/Instagram (@mungai_eve)

Director Trevor has opened up about the qualities he is looking for in an ideal woman following his breakup with Eve Mungai.

The content creator shared seven irreducible minimums that a woman he is looking for must have in regard to physical attributes.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Trevor said his ideal woman must have a light complexion, must be tall but not taller than him, must have big boobs and booty, and must also have a good body contour.

"Lightskin kidogo, mrefu but hajanipita, body iko streamlined, boobs kubwa kidogo, pale nyuma pia behind the scenes iko fiti (uses his hand to signal a roundish shape), pia lazima akue na shape," Trevor described his ideal woman.

In terms of mental capacity, the content creator added that his ideal woman must be intelligent.

"Akili pia lazima akue nayo," he said.

In short, the woman who makes Trevor tick must come with beauty and brains.

Eve Mungai

Director Trevor, who was romantically involved with Eve Mungai for nearly five years, confirmed they parted ways both personally and professionally on February 19, 2024.

In a series of Insta Stories, Trevor disclosed that he had assumed full control of the YouTube channel and no longer needed Eve Mungai's services.

When asked if he would continue working with Mungai, Trevor made it clear that her involvement in their joint platforms was terminated.

"No! Her services are no longer needed in the following platforms: YouTube - 754K subscribers, Insta Fame - 104K subscribers, Facebook - 874K followers," he responded.

Speaking during an interview on the Iko Nini podcast, Trevor said that his romantic relationship with Eve hit rock bottom in 2023 and that they had a discussion with her parents where they agreed to continue working together professionally after their breakup.

Trevor added that he stopped working with Eve Mungai after she breached their 50/50 agreement where they earned an equal amount of revenue generated from their brand which included YouTube, Instagram and other platforms.

He claimed that Eve wanted more share because she felt she didn't deserve the 50 per cent stake being the face of the brand.

"Hio [the decision to stop working together] haikucome from my side. Me and Eve we had a 50/50 agreement on the kind of business that we do but ilifika point Eve akafeel like she does not deserve 50 per cent yet she is the image and the whatever of the brand so she wanted more," Trevor remarked.

In the same interview, Trevor explained that the brand's Instagram account, which Eve Mungai controlled, brought in more revenue for them in 2023 thus making her feel like she should be the one to decide what percentage she should be giving him.

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