Thee Pluto’s TikTok account with nearly one mi*lion followers terminated

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On Thu, 21 Sep, 2023 17:07 | 2 mins read
Thee Pluto. PHOTO/Instagram (@thee_pluto)

Thee Pluto has lost his TikTok account for violating restrictive community guidelines on the social media site.

The content creator was struggling to come to terms with what had just happened after losing his TikTok account which had 977,000 followers.

"So guys mimi sijui nilie, sijui nifanye nini. My TikTok account of 977,000 followers has been banned. Ehh, wee, ghai! Watu wangu nimekua kwa ofisi mi nimetoka nikaambia Mathenge wacha tu tuchukue long drive kidogo maze," Thee Pluto said in a self recorded video.

Thee Pluto told his fans that he opened a new TikTok account as he launched an appeal to reverse the ban in a bid to get back his account which had nearly a million followers.

"So there is a new account, ile ingine nimetumana appeal," he said.


Thee Pluto explained that he was banned from TikTok after he sent his phone number to his friends through the comment section.

"So what I did mistake yangu ilikua nilicomment number yangu ya simu kwa two or three of my friends kwa comment section," he said.

Spamming is actually a violation on TikTok and other social media platforms. If a comment is found spammy, or if there are too many hashtags used, accounts run the risk of getting banned.

Kibe's ban

Thee Pluto's ban on TikTok comes just days after Andrew Kibe was also banned on YouTube.

Head of Communications at Google Africa Dorothy Ooko has said that Kibe went against YouTube’s terms and conditions and was banned from using the platform’s features.

She explained that after one channel was restricted, Kibe continued to use different accounts to avoid restrictions.

“Kibe violated YouTube’s Terms of Service. While he was restricted from using YouTube features, including uploading videos on his channel, he used another channel to get around these restrictions aka circumvention, resulting in termination of all his channels,” Ooko said on X’s post while replying to a tweep who castigated YouTube for banning the content creator.

“Cancel culture can not be allowed to take root in content creation. @kibeandy termination of YouTube accounts is NOT about his message but a direct attack on the creative. Restore his accounts. Say NO to CANCEL CULTURE,” the tweep told Ooko.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Kibe rubbished Ooko's explanation claiming that he did not get any notifications detailing his violations.

“Sounds so pedestrian. Can you show me the emails of the violations? That is the procedure, right? I mean, there is no way YouTube permanently blocks any channel that has over 3,000 videos with no paper trail. Be serious with your job,” Kibe remarked.

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