Tanasha Oketch ships out of Diamond’s home in anger

By Brian Okoth On Wed, 4 Dec, 2019 13:28 | 3 mins read
To many in East Africa, the award-winning artiste from Tandale in Tanzania’s commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, is Fela Kuti reincarnate. [PHOTO | FILE]
To many in East Africa, the award-winning artiste from Tandale in Tanzania’s commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, is Fela Kuti reincarnate. [PHOTO | FILE]

Tanasha Oketch, the lover of Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz, recently shipped out of the musician’s Mbezi Beach home in Dar es Salaam after she fell out with Diamond’s mum, Sanura Kassim.

Tanasha is said to have flown to Kenya, her native country.

Tanzania’s Global Publishers reports that Tanasha and Kassim fell out bitterly a few days to November 26, when the Kenyan radio presenter and her partner, Diamond Platnumz, celebrated 40 days of their son’s life, according to Islamic practice. The ceremony was held at Kassim’s home in Madale-Tegeta in Dar es Salaam.

Throughout the party, the Tanzanian outlet says, Tanasha and Kassim never interacted, or exchanged pleasantries as a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law would.

The genesis of their bad blood, Global Publishers reports, occurred a few days to the party, when Diamond’s mum arrived at the musician’s home in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam, accompanied by tens of her friends, but Tanasha declined to greet the visitors, or allow them see her [Tanasha’s] son, Naseeb Junior.

The 24-year-old is said to have locked herself and her son in the bedroom, leaving Diamond’s mum to story the evening away with her friends in the living room. The outlet says Kassim’s friends later left without seeing, or holding Tanasha’s baby. It is that development that sparked anger in Diamond’s mum, leading to a bitter fall-out between her and her son’s lover.

“On November 26, during Naseeb Junior’s party, Tanasha and Sanura never interacted, or exchanged smiles. There is no point that Tanasha handed the baby over to her mother-in-law as tradition would require. Most of the time, it was Diamond who interacted with the two at intervals,” an informant told Global Publishers.

“The bad blood between Tanasha and Sanura began a few days to the party, when Sanura and her friends visited Tanasha. Instead of the mother-of-one welcoming them, she went upstairs and locked herself in the bedroom, leaving Sanura feeling embarrassed in front of her friends,” said the source.

The developments of that day spilled over to subsequent days.

“By the time Tanasha was leaving for Kenya recently, she was not on talking terms with her boyfriend’s mother,” said the insider.

“She packed her things, her baby’s clothes and left without saying a word to Diamond’s mum. I am not sure if she [Tanasha] will return anytime soon,” said the source.

When reached for comment by Global Publishers, Diamond’s mum confirmed that Tanasha had left for Kenya.

“I do not know where you got the allegations that Tanasha and I fell out; treat such claims as false and rumour-motivated,” said Kassim.

Asked on why she did not exchange pleasantries with Tanasha during her [Sanura’s] grandson’s party on November 26, Sanura said: “Did you want me to follow her all over the place? People should stop engaging in baseless speculations.”

On claims that Tanasha shipped out without even saying a word to her, Sanura said: “That is not true. I stayed with her until the advanced stages of her pregnancy. So, there is no way she would have left without informing me.”

Asked whether Tanasha will visit Tanzania anytime soon, Sanura said: “I do not know. If you really want an answer to that question, then go look for her in Kenya and pose the question to her.”

Sanura Kassim said, after Tanasha left, she is still camping at Diamond’s Mbezi Beach home.

“I cannot leave the house unoccupied. My son is currently performing in Cameroon, and so, I have to be here to look after the house,” she said.

Diamond’s mum has, in the past, differed sharply with her son’s ex-lovers, including Zari Hassan, Wema Sepetu, Hamisa Mobetto, among others.

Zari even accused Sanura Kassim of wanting to control how her son relates with his partners.

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