Simple Boy’s manager posts cryptic message after rapper collapsed during live TV broadcast

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On Sat, 30 Mar, 2024 13:06 | 2 mins read
Stevo Simple Boy with his manager Chingiboy Mstado. PHOTOS/Instagram (@stevosimpleboy8, @chingiboy_mstado)

Stevo Simple Boy and his manager Chingiboy Mstado have been at loggerheads for some time now even though the cause of their fallout is not clear.

The rapper blamed Mstado after he collapsed during a live broadcast on the night of March 16, 2024.

Simple Boy downplayed concerns about his health saying he only collapsed on stage because of stress brought about by his manager's departure.

He pleaded with his estranged manager to reconcile with him so that they could get back to working together.

"Meneja Rudi tupige kazi nimeishiwa na Nguvu watu wasitukosanishe. Stress inanipiga mpaka naanguka kwa stage Niki perfrom 😭😭😭 mnatakuniharibia mpaka manager," Stivo Simple Boy wrote in a post on Instagram.

"Rudi tupige kazi manager @chingiboy_mstado," the rapper added in another post.

Chingiboy Mstado took to social media on Friday, March 29, 2024, to post a cryptic message weeks after Simple Boy reached out to him to mend fences.

Without mentioning names, Mstado lamented that he was tired of helping someone who refuses to be assisted.

The manager noted that he was being fought by other parties and went on to stress that he was weary of stepping on a thorn.

Mstado further stated that he had quit because of the aforementioned issues.

β€œKusaidia mtu hataki kujisaidia pia ni ngumu. Utasaidia mtu ukiumia yeye ako tu sawa. Napigwa vita na familia na bibi ya mtu aah nimechoka kukanyaga mwiba, uchungu umezidi, nina quit ndio manake,” Chingiboy Mstado wrote.

The incident

Stevo Simple Boy was a guest on the '10 Over 10' entertainment show on March 16, 2024.

The rapper collapsed while he was engaging in a conversation with the show's host Azeezah Hashim sending everyone into a panic.

Simple Boy was discussing his experience growing up in Kibera slums when he suddenly faltered and collapsed on stage.

The show was stopped for a while as Stevo Simple Boy was being attended to.

Later during the show, Azeezah Hashim called Stivo Simple Boy and put him on speaker. The musician assured fans that he was doing well.

β€œNko poa,” Stivo said.

Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Ezekiel Mutua, expressed his joy in learning that Simple Boy was fine after he collapsed on stage.

"Glad to hear that Stivo Simple Boy is fine. Watching him collapse during a live TV interview on 10over10 Show on Citizen TV last night was scary. Good to hear that he's ok now. God loves you my friend. You have more music to do and exploits to perform in the music industry. Keep well!" Mutua wrote on X.

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