Samidoh reacts after being asked if Karen Nyamu would have gotten pregnant for him if he was broke

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On Thu, 14 Sep, 2023 21:02 | 2 mins read
Karen Nyamu and Samidoh (left). The singer when he was still in the trenches (right). PHOTOS/Facekook/karenzo047, samidohofficial

Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh was put to task to explicitly state if he thinks his baby mama Karen Nyamu genuinely loves him.

A curious netizen commenting on Samidoh's TikTok post posed the question, inquiring if Karen would have gotten pregnant for the singer if he was broke. (Samidoh and Karen Nyamu have two children together).

"Samidoh nikuulize? Karen angekuzalia wakati hukua nakakitu?" 23kadis4 commented on Samidoh's TikTok post.

In a quick rejoinder, Samidoh laughed off the question and wondered out loud how he could be broke.

"Sasa me nitakuaje aki?" Samidoh posed.

A while back, Samidoh was confronted by a netizen who claimed that he only loved Karen Nyamu because of her money.

The whole drama started when Samidoh took to social media to argue how men have no option but to sweat to earn their bread and butter.

The Mugithi singer noted that society is lenient to women even if they choose not to work as hard as men.

"A broke woman is still a woman. An educated woman is still a woman. A woman who can't provide is still a woman. And she gets all the respect she deserves. But a man without these things is a burden even to his own family.

"Men's lives solely depends on them. If you don't have a job, you sleep hungry, no luck, hakuna wa kukuhurumia, it's just hard work. A lady can have her way out but a man must work hard," Samidoh wrote on Facebook.

In a quick rejoinder, a section of women fired at Samidoh claiming he was equally feeding off Karen Nyamu's wealth.

A netizen by the name Mum Natashia told off Samidoh claiming that he only fell for Nyamu because of material possessions, adding that the UDA-nominated senator gives him money.

"Pia men can have their you mean pia wewe si ulipenda Karen juu ya pesa. Na usitudanganye Karen hakupeangi doo," Mum Natashia commented on Samidoh's post.

Samidoh was rattled by Natashia's comment and he fired back. He told her to equally work hard to get money so that she could also give to her husband.

"Earn your money with effort and be giving your husband. Don't be disabled body and mind," Samidoh told Natashia.

I don't date broke men

Sometimes in July this year, while hitting back at her critics, Karen Nyamu denied claims that she had 'married' Samidoh and kept him at her own home.

"Help Samidoh pia atoke kwako akiwa na kakitu. Uliolewa na hukai kwa mwanaume," Totoke Nimmoh told Karen Nyamu.

The mother of three responded saying that Samidoh was a millionaire and that she does not date broke men.

"Totoke Nimmoh yule ni millionaire mama. We don't date broke men sorry," Karen Nyamu responded.

"Hio ni uongo umemueka tunajua," Totoke Nimmoh fired back.

"Hehehe thanks kwa kunitambua hivyo I'm very flattered. But simple google can tell you who he is," Karen Nyamu told Totoke.

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