Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree reacts to Kenyans calling her ‘Rosecoco’

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On Wed, 20 Sep, 2023 10:46 | 2 mins read
Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree reacts to 'Rosecoco' nickname. PHOTO/Rosa Ree(@rosa_ree)/Instagram
Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree reacts to 'Rosecoco' nickname. PHOTO/Rosa Ree(@rosa_ree)/Instagram

Tanzanian rap sensation Rosa Ree, who has been at the center of a heated exchange with Kenyan Hip Hop artistes has now embraced the nickname 'Rosecoco' with pride, turning it into a symbol of empowerment.

In a recent interview with Kenyan media, Rosa Ree addressed the 'Rosecoco' moniker which has been trending on the internet for months.

"Rosecoco naamini  ni maharagwe, lakini inatumika kivingine huku Kenya, nimeliona kwenye comment nyingi, watu wananitukana mimi, kwangu mimi sikuliona kama tusi, kwa sababu ni kitu niko nacho, na pia ni kitu ambacho kimetuleta duniani sisi sote. Kwa hivyo how do you insult someone with their strength?" she posed.

Which is loosely translated as:

"I believe, is a bean, but it's being used differently here in Kenya. I've seen it in many comments, people using it to insult me. But for me, I don't see it as an insult. It's something I possess, and it's something that has brought all of us into this world. So how do you insult someone with their strength?)"

Rosa Ree's perspective on 'Rosecoco' is not just a matter of linguistic nuance. In fact, she has turned it into a powerful message of empowerment, particularly for women.

Her latest hit, aptly titled 'Rose Coco,' serves as a rallying cry for women to recognize the inherent strength within themselves.

"I wanted to use that as an empowerment kwa ajili ya wanawake kwenye jamii, kwa sababu sisi wanawake mara nyingi tunaonyeshwa we are nothing even when you're the strongest unaambiwa kuwa wewe ni mwananmke tu," she added.

"Kwa hivyo mimi ni mwanamke but I brought kings into this world, I gave birth to men and women, it's a movement!," she asserted.

Which is loosely translated as:

"I wanted to use that as empowerment for women in our society because often, as women, we are made to feel like we are insignificant, even when we are undeniably strong. I am a woman, but I have brought kings and queens into this world. I have given birth to men and women. It's a movement!"

Rosecoco: what's the buzz about?

If you've been scrolling through social media lately, you might have stumbled upon the latest buzzword, 'Rosecoco.'

While it used to be all about those delicious beans that go perfectly with chapati in Kenya, it seems like "Rosecoco" has undergone a dramatic transformation.

Rosecoco beans. PHOTO/Internet
Rosecoco beans. PHOTO/Internet

Now, instead of a tasty side dish, it's become a symbol for, well, a woman's nether regions.

Yes, you read that right! The innocent bean has taken on a whole new identity, and it's all about celebrating the power and beauty of the female anatomy.

So, next time you enjoy a plate of chapati and beans, just remember that you might be indulging in a little more than you bargained for!

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