Rick Ross shuts down dating rumours with Diamond’s ex-lover Hamisa Mobetto

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On Tue, 14 Sep, 2021 20:16 | < 1 min read
Rick Ross shuts down dating rumours with Diamond's ex-lover Hamisa Mobetto.

Us rapper Rick Ross is setting the record straight to dismiss dating rumours with Diamond Platinumz' ex-lover Hamisa Mobetto.

Their friendship has been piquing interest for the past few months following Rick's consistent comments on Hamisa's Instagram posts.

Terming her as a beautiful spirited serial entrepreneur, Rick Ross says although they have a connection, he is there to help and any further information can only be disclosed by the Tanzanian model.

“I have to be honest, there is a connection, how much do you wanna me to tell you about it? I'm gonna leave that to her…but she is such a beautiful person, beautiful spirit and she is a huge entrepreneur and I want to help her take it to the next level because she is doing a great job and I'm proud of her. There are a couple of other things but all in all, I just wanna see her win,” Rick Ross stated.

This, he said while speaking on an interview with one Lil Ommy further revealing that he will be visiting Tanzania soon to hike Mt Kilimanjaro.

In early June, the two caused an online uproar through their conversation over a Range Rover car.

The 26-year-old, uploaded a photo of her standing in front of a Range Rover car on Instagram with the caption “I’m not trying to be in a relationship, I’m trying to be in a Range Rover.”

Rick Ross replied with a question asking her if she will be moving to the US.

Hamisa replied to him noting that all her bags are packed and that she is ready to move.