‘My mum had me at 14 years’ – Pritty Vishy reveals

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On Sat, 22 Apr, 2023 16:01 | 2 mins read
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Pritty Vishy. Photo/Instagram (@prittyvishy)

Internet personality Pritty Vishy famed for her failed relationship with singer Stivo Simple Boy has revealed that her mother was a teen mom.

Taking to social media, Vishy, 21, wrote that she sometimes feels overwhelmed when she thinks about the realities of giving birth aged just 14 years and all the innumerable challenges her mother faced to bring her into this world.

"I see my mum's agemates (35 years) having little children, some have even one child and my mum has me. I mean, a whole grown-up young woman makes me feel overwhelmed.

"I can imagine she carried me in her womb for 9 months when she was 14 years. Sometimes, I look at her and I can't imagine how she struggled to carry me," she wrote adding crying emojis.

Pritty Vishy says her mum has worked as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia since 2019 and struggled to raise her on her own since her father abandoned them.

She says the dad later remarried and their relationship is currently nonexistence.

"Your presence matters as a parent ndio uko usoni ukipata kidogo unawapea juu ni wazazi cos they were there for you. I used to go to my biological dad's place I would tell him I need Christmas clothes in 2019, but he told me he does not have money and good thing I had gotten inside his house when he had bought his step-children's clothes," she recalled.

Pritty Vishy's mother remarried

Speaking of her mum, Pritty says she also remarried before splitting with her stepdad, and at some point in her life, she had to become a matatu taut to make ends meet.

"Ilibidi ameingia makanga because she went to driving school and akakua amakanga juu si easy lazima ukue na driving licence.

"So kukua makanga ilikua inampay off vizuri juu maybe a day anagelipwa 2k kukiwa kubaya kabisa 1k or 700 hivyo so akafanya fanya," Pritty Vishy revealed.

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