Pritty Vishy blames her biological father for her fear of marriage

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On Mon, 19 Jun, 2023 18:52 | 2 mins read
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Pritty Vishy says she has always wanted to settle down as somebody's wife but looking back at her childhood, marriage is something she doesn't want to think of.

The socialite who is currently making headlines after introducing a new man a week ago finally shared her fear of marriage which she blames on her biological father.

According to Vishy's post, she grew up in a violent home where her dad would clobber her mother and having seen this through her childhood, the socialite says she cannot imagine herself in one.

"Father's Day reminds you of how your father used to beat your mother in front of you," Pritty Vishy wrote as she marked Father's Day.

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Pritty Vishy. PHOTO/ Instagram

Fear of same fate

Seeing that she has not had luck in finding true love following the break up with Stivo Simple Boy, Vishy explained that this could be a result of watching her mother suffer at the hands of a man she called a dad.

"Some of us are afraid of marriage because of this," Pritty Vishy captioned TikTok video that explained why she remains single despite her wish to settle down.

From the comment section, there are a few who encouraged the 22-year-old not to think of marriage in that manner.

However, some were brutal by calling her out for airing such personal information as a way to remain relevant online; yet - still introduces 'new boyfriends' despite claims of fearing

Vishy's back and forth

Her statement on Father's Day however contradicts what she has been painting in terms of wanting to settle down as a wife to her current foreign boyfriend.

This is because even after sharing her fears, she still went on to share memories of her past relationship with Stivo Simple boy who left her for another woman.

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