People are growing more conscious about their health and fitness

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Types of people to find in the gym. Photo/Courtesy

1. The know-it all

It’s not bad to offer assistance to others in the gym, but this person always gives unsolicited advice. They want to sound as if they know all there is about fitness. They are quick to ‘correct’ you and recommend exercises to do. But that’s what fitness trainers are there for.

2. Show offs

Be it the hot body or type of workouts they are doing, these people go all out to get noticed. They love attention and can’t help, but make sure everybody knows they are present. And it can be annoying. Sometimes that craving for attention is a marker for low self-esteem.

3. Those who stare 

I think calling them observers is being too modest. I have caught people intensely staring at others or me and it feels weird. It’s a waste of time and clearly not why you paid for a gym membership. But they do it anyway. 

4. The loud grunter

Okay, let’s be honest. These noisemakers are mostly men. They roar and hiss loudly while working out and they are unapologetic about it. And when they are done with sets or workouts, they heavily drop the equipment or weights to let the whole world know just how heavy they are lifting. 

5. The selfie god

The gym is a hub for Instagrammers and all kinds of social media obsessed individuals. And with this era of front-facing cameras on smartphones, they spend so much time in the mirror taking selfies or videos for the Gram. The annoying and disrespectful thing is that they don’t care that other people who don’t want to be on social media might appear in their shots.

6. Kind and friendly

Then there is the kind and warm people who are always happy to see you and vice versa. And you actually end up forming a friendship. They are not overbearing or looking for a workout partner; the friendship just organically evolves. 

7. The fitness couple

Goodness gracious. Wait until they start being all over each other and over-display affection while working out. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact it can be cute. But sometimes it feels like they are showing off or trying so hard to prove something.

8. The glam girl

She gets a proper face beat right before coming to the gym only for them to sweat on it. I never understand why they bother with make-up when going to work out because things get a little messy when you are all sweaty and constantly wiping your face. But I’m by no means trying to police anyone’s body. You do you sister. 

9. Trendy gymist 

This one is always in amazing and even expensive gym-wear. They go all out with it. They come in well dressed and looking stylish from head to toe. You will never catch them in the same workout gear. It’s as if they manufacture them. You know what I mean? 

10. Equipment hoarder

They keep people waiting because they go around picking different workout equipment or weights and accumulate them in their workout spot. So, anyone else who needs to use the same has to either wait until they finish or walk over to ask them to share at intervals or in between the sets. 

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