‘Before getting pregnant, ensure you can singlehandedly take care of yourself, your child’ – Obinna advises women, criticizes toxic baby mamas

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On Fri, 29 Mar, 2024 09:23 | 2 mins read
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Comedian Oga Obinna. PHOTO/Instagram (@ogaobinna)

Comedian Oga Obinna has offered nuggets of wisdom to women and current baby mamas during his latest interview.

Speaking to YouTuber Lucy Mworia, Obinna advised women to always ensure that they are capable of taking care of themselves before venturing into motherhood.

He went on to state that anyone who lacked the resources to effectively take care of themselves had no business becoming a mother regardless of how much they loved the man or how sure they were with him.

The comedian reiterated that ladies should think through the process and imagine themselves as the primary custodian of a child in case the man dies or leaves them.

He then advised women to ensure they take safety precautions as advised by medical practitioners to prevent such unplanned pregnancies to avoid bringing children who would later suffer the consequences of their parent's choices.

"Before you get pregnant for that man, whether he is very rich, handsome or he loves you ama you are in love be very sure with or without that man in the picture you can take care of yourself and your child, if you have that in order shika mimba vile unataka, but if you know taking care of yourself is a problem, mimba ni ya? take necessary precautions, be responsible because what if huyo mwanaume akidedi ama ni deadbeat, what will happen mtoto wa wenyewe akuje ateseke kwa sababu mamake alikua careless, " he said.

Obinna goes after toxic baby mamas

At the same time, Obinna took a swipe at single mothers who make life difficult for their baby daddies.

Obinna said it was shameful that some women used their children as leverage to settle scores with their baby daddies whenever they had a fallout.

He went on to state that it is high time toxic baby mamas start acting accordingly since the negative behaviour impacts the child's life.

"If you have a baby daddy and you are a difficult baby mama you are not doing justice to your child, you are hurting your child more than the baby daddy because with the baby daddy being in that child's life, life yake bado inaendelea, but maisha yako inastop ju ya ukingangana nayeye kumfrustrate ndio asione mtoto ama kumprovidia,

"If you know huyo si mtoto wa huyo mtu mwambie ama mruhusu afanye DNA test, kama ako hapo na he is not providing, wewe ni baby girl, court itakusaidia, but as much as he is providing pia wewe jaribu, don't be a bitter baby mama, na zile chuki zote uko nazo na babake, hazihusu mtoto, the child knows who the problem but they will not say it," he added.

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