Edgar Obare forced to apologise to Vera Sidika

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On Mon, 14 Aug, 2023 09:53 | 3 mins read
Edgar Obare apologises to Vera Sidika
Edgar Obare and Vera Sidika. PHOTOS/Courtesy

Gossip Blogger Edgar Obare was forced to tender his apology to socialite Vera Sidika for tainting her reputation.

In his gossip channel on Telegram, Obare falsely claimed that Sidika's recent trip to Dubai had been sponsored by a Russian tycoon.

However, the controversial blogger retracted his statement and apologised to Sidika saying the socialite responded to his allegations with evidence to prove she was not sponsored by the said Russian tycoon.

"We apologise for the incorrect reporting of retired socialite Vera Sidika Dubai trip being sponsored by a Russian tycoon, she responded and provided us receipts," Obare wrote on his Telegram channel on Sunday, August 13, 2023.

Apology accepted

Reacting to Obare's apology, Vera Sidika said she had chosen to overlook the libel but cautioned the blogger against making defamatory statements without solid proof.

"Apology accepted. Let's normalize writing stories based on facts with proof and receipts. Not hearsay from pseudo accounts of people that don't like me," Vera wrote.

Sidika further warned bloggers in general that she would not be so lenient with them henceforth if they make false allegations that damages her reputation.

"From today, any blog that write lies and fabricated stories on me, you better have proof for the claims or we going to court. That's on period," Vera Sidika wrote.

"Whoever takes the "chai" to the bloggers plus the person that owns the blog will both be in trouble. Write stupid sh*t about me with no evidence. I'm going to deal with y'all proper. This is no longer the old Vera that was overlooking all the fake stories y'all wrote back then. Tread carefully," she added.

Natalie Tewa

It's not the first time that Obare is getting in trouble over his 'tea' on Telegram. In July 2020 he found himself in hot soup after linking Natalie Tewa with former Mombasa governor Hassan Joho.

The tea master was summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over posts he made regarding the alleged affair between the lifestyle vlogger and the politician.

“So yesterday, I was informed I am being summoned to the DCI. I was kindly requested by an officer to appear at the DCI HQ without fail in the next few days. I am told the purpose of this summon is to answer questions about Natalie Tewa. Must be nice being Natalie Tewa,“ Obare wrote.