Nadia Mukami on why a child belongs to the mother, not the father

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On Mon, 26 Sep, 2022 13:04 | 2 mins read
Musician Nadia Mukami PHOTO/@nadiamukami/Instagram

Popular music Nadia Mukami has highlighted the importance of a mother in a child’s life and upbringing.

The musician and her fiancé, musician Arrow Bwoy welcomed their baby boy named Kai a few months ago.

Children belong to the mother

Speaking in a recent interview, Nadia explained that most parenting responsibilities are undertaken by a mother.

As such, the musician noted that as much as men play an important role in a child’s life, the child belongs to the mother.

“Although men play a very big role, I think a woman does more, so you have the sacrifices; your body changes, your life changes, your time changes

"Let no man lie to you to sire a child for them and they will support you. I have the most supportive partner in the world, but at the end of the day, my body is the one involved, among other things, like postpartum,” Nadia said.

Nadia also spoke on the state of her mental health since having her son who is now six months old.

"I have tried to protect it so much. Sometimes I wondered if I am a good mum but I accepted help as a new mum to keep my sanity. If you get help from friends and family, don’t hesitate,” she said.

Musicians Nadia Mukami, Arrow Bwoy and their son Kai PHOTO/@nadiamukami/Instagram

Nadia Mukami experience with postpartum depression

Mukami had earlier shared her experience with postpartum depression.

In an interview in July, she highlighted challenges that first-time mothers go through and how society addresses the same.

“I think most places need to focus on postpartum. Pregnancy is easy, I think it’s easy compared to that period after giving birth. Women are strong

“African women are not allowed to say this chapter is exhausting; wataambiwa leta mtoto tulee kama amekushinda. Postpartum is not a joke. I never really understood postpartum until I had a baby,” Mukami said.

Nadia Mukami
Musician Nadia Mukami posses for a photo PHOTO/@nadia_mukami/Instagram

Arrow Bwoy advise to men

This came days after Arrow Bwoy asked men to support their women or just use protection if they will not manage to raise the child.

He insisted that the pregnancy journey is not an easy affair, however advising those who find themselves in such circumstances not to run away from the responsibility.

“Boychild kama hauko ready na hizi mbwe mbwe za pregnancy journey tumia tu jwala na ukijipata hapa please cooperate,” Arrow Bwoy wrote.

(Boychild if you are not ready for the drama that comes with pregnancy journey just use protection and if you find yourself in this situation please cooperate)

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