Mammito dismayed by Sonko’s decision to give Conjestina 3rd, final chance

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On Tue, 16 Jan, 2024 15:10 | 2 mins read
A photo collage of Conjestina and Commedienne Mammito Eunice. PHOTOs/Sonko(@mike.sonko) & Mammito(@mammitoeunice)/ Instagram
A photo collage of Conjestina and Commedienne Mammito Eunice. PHOTOs/Sonko(@mike.sonko) & Mammito(@mammitoeunice)/ Instagram

Kenyan comedienne Mammito Eunice has expressed her disapproval of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's comments regarding boxing champion Conjestina Achieng's journey to recovery.

Sonko had once again come to the rescue of Conjestina and admitted her to the Mombasa Women's Rehabilitation Centre citing that it was her third and last chance at recovery.

However, Mammito took to social media to challenge Sonko's stance.

She noted the complexities of mental illness and the time it takes for individuals to heal.

"Mental illness is intense, and it takes time for someone to recover fully… it’s a process, and you can’t limit when someone will fully recover," she stated.

Mammito further highlighted the importance of being compassionate and understanding when dealing with mental health issues.

"Her willingness to go to rehab is a step, so be kind. Let her heal at her own pace! Don’t be harsh where kindness and love are needed," Mammito added.

Sonko offers Conjestina last chance

After admitting her to the rehabilitation centre, Sonko expressed regret that his prior efforts to assist the boxer had been ineffective.

He noted that he would give her the third and last chance at recovery noting that he had readmitted her back to the rehab centre.

"Even though our chances in Conjestina's healing journey were watered down, I'm a person who doesn't give up in life. It is for this reason that we have given Conjestina the third and last chance again on her case. I just want to let the public know that she was readmitted at the Mombasa Women Rehabilitation Centre where she will start her treatment afresh under the care of a group of specialists, including councillors, consultants and physiatrists," Sonko stated.

This comes days after media personality Carol Radull shared photos of Achieng having relapsed and in a deplorable state.

"On 2nd Jan I visited my friend Congestina Achieng in her shags in Yala. She's been there about 2 months and is back to her same lifestyle. She has good days and bad days. When I arrived she was having a bad day but her face lit up when she saw me and we chatted for a long time as best we could. I tried with my layman's ability to gently encourage her to "clean up her act". Many have tried to help her but none of us have succeeded in a long-term solution to her predicament," Radull stated.

Sonko faced accusations of forsaking the former champion, with claims suggesting that he had exploited her to seek attention and publicity.

Sonko, however, refuted the allegations, asserting that he had made sincere efforts to assist her by extending an opportunity for her to join his security team.