KRG celebrates his daughter Yvonne as she turns 20

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On Mon, 7 Aug, 2023 11:32 | 2 mins read
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KRG and daughter Yvonne. PHOTO/Instagram (@krgthedon)

Musician Karuga Kimani, also known as KRG The Don, is embracing his daughter Yvonne after initially denying he was his biological father.

KRG on Sunday, August 6, 2023, took to social media to celebrate Yvonne as she turned 20.

"Happy birthday Yvonne ML & MB Mungu azidi kukubariki tele," KRG wrote.

On social media, ML is often used as an abbreviation for 'My Love'. This is used as a term of endearment, though does not necessarily have to be romantic.

MB is short for 'My Bad', a colloquial expression used to apologize for a mistake or an error. This slang and abbreviation are basically an informal way of taking responsibility for something that went wrong without being too formal or serious.

KRG could seemingly be apologizing to Yvonne for denying that he was her biological father.

Push and pull

KRG was recently embroiled in a paternity row with multiple women claiming he sired children with them.

Yvonne's mother Susan Kinyanjui was first to emerge claiming the musician was her daughter's biological father having sired her back then when he was still broke and not famous.

KRG vehemently denied he was Yvonne's father, coming up with several lame excuses explaining why he couldn't have possibly fathered the teenager.

The musician refused to take a DNA test to ascertain Yvonne's paternity but offered to cater for her education nonetheless.

In mid-June 2013, KRG owned up that he sired the teenagers after initially denying that he was their father.

The musician revealed that he stopped denying his children after elders in his family intervened and asked him to welcome the kids to his family and give them some of the property they own across the country.

"Nilikua nakataa lakini sahi mahali imefika wazee wa nyumbani wamesema lete hio watoto tuko na mashamba mingi tutawagawia. Wengine upande wa Narok, wengine wataenda upande wa Mombasa, wengine wataenda upande wa Nanyuki, wengine wataenda upande wa Naivasha, wengine wataenda upate wa Kisii. Hio pahali yote tuko na property. Wengine wataenda mbaka uko upande ya Uganda. Tutaenda kuwaweka huko wafanye kazi kwa sababu hawatafuti shida wanatafuta tu mwelekeo wa maisha," KRG said while speaking to Vincent Mboya.

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