Kamene Goro discharged from hospital after knee surgery

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On Sun, 28 Jan, 2024 14:56 | 2 mins read
Media personality Kamene Goro discharged from the hospital following a knee surgery. PHOTOs/Kamene(@kamenegoro)/Instagram
A photo collage of media personality Kamene Goro. PHOTOs/Kamene(@kamenegoro)/Instagram

Media personality Kamene Goro has been discharged from the hospital after undergoing knee surgery a few days ago.

Through her Insta stories, the former radio presenter told her fans she was out of the hospital and recuperating at home.

"Finally been discharged to embark on the hardest part of my recovery. God is good," Kamene shared.

"This journey really taught me a lot about my support system. And I'm honestly so happy to learn all I'm learning in this particularly tough phase of this year," she added.

Kamene undergoes knee surgery

The former presenter underwent knee surgery on January 24, 2024, at the Karen Hospital.

She provided followers with a health update as she rested in her hospital bed before undergoing surgery.

In a video posted on her Instagram Stories, Kamene revealed that she was at the hospital to address a torn meniscus in her knee.

The meniscus, a crucial C-shaped cartilage pad in the knee responsible for shock absorption, required repair.

"I have come to repair my knee, I think I have told you guys the story before. Yeah so I tore my meniscus and I am mmh, yeah so I am due for surgery this morning," she said.

Kamene expressed concern about the anaesthesia used to numb sensations during surgical procedures, noting that she feels uneasy about it.

Additionally, she mentioned that her post-surgery recovery tends to be more challenging than the surgery itself.

"I am a little bit anxious about the whole anaesthesia thing, I don't know this time round coz every other time I haven't been anxious about it but anyway so yes that is the surgery I am going in for I am hoping I will be able to walk as soon as possible coz I think for me he recovery is usually harder than the surgery," Kamene said.

In August 2023, Kamene Goro shared her plans to undergo a knee implant procedure, citing past complications.

She disclosed having experienced three instances of meniscus tears but emphasized that her knee challenges were unrelated to her being a plus-size individual.

“I’ve torn my meniscus three times. It’s not a weight thing. So I’m due to fix the third tear and get an implant,” Kamene explained.