‘I am done being good girl’ – Jovial tells off parasitic friends

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On Tue, 20 Jun, 2023 14:15 | 2 mins read
Jovial looking stunning in new photo. PHOTO/Instagram
Jovial. PHOTO/Instagram

Singer Jovial is done entertaining people who only think of themselves and not others.

The singer revealed this in a new post dedicated to parasitic friends.

Jovial through her post on social media announced that she was done and no longer tolerating relationships that are draining her.

Jovial. PHOTO/Jovial (@jovial_ke)/Instagram.

"Im done being the good girl, always giving but not receiving. I've been giving for years, forcing friendships but I'm done! It's draining asf especially ukiwa msanii! You give and give till you have nothing left to give! People hate it when you say "No" They're used to being told "Yes." Jovial wrote on her page.

Explaining her situation, Jovial accused her friends of using her status just so they can get something out of it.

However, when it comes down to her benefiting or gaining one way or another from her friends, they then disappear into thin air or dish out excuses just so as to avoid her.

"They don't like you, they like what you have to offer! Wahitaji tu kidogo, they're never available! Kuwa na roho nzuri ni kama laana. Unaumia tu kufurahisha watu alafu unakufa maskini wakibaki wakisema "Alikuwa mzuri." Jovial went on to address the said fake friends. T

Thick skin

Despite having been in the industry for a while now, it has taken Jovial's experience with fake friends for her to grow thick skin which she hopes will help her music career.

The sultry singer has vowed not to repeat the same mistake twice.

A while back, Jovial noted that she has always preferred the chilled-out male vibe rather than sitting down with gossipmongers.

"Someone asked me why I don’t have friends, I do have friends but male friends and that’s my team. There is no better-chilled group like boys anytime any day. We women don’t love each other, I have never understood why," Jovial explained herself.

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