Is singer Brown Mauzo and socialite Amber Ray dating?

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 15 Jul, 2019 18:14 | < 1 min read
Elly Gitau

It seems like we have a new celebrity couple in town! Rumour has it singer Brown Mauzo and curvaceous Kenyan commercial model, fashion consultant and socialite Amber Ray are an item.

This was made apparent after photos and videos of the duo holidaying in Zanzibar emerged online this weekend. The pictures, allegedly snapped secretly by a popular Tanzanian paparazzi, show the couple ‘living large’ in posh entertainment spots where they sip exquisite drinks and shopping in uptown shopping malls.

Our sources intimate that the couple were holidaying in the ‘love island’ for more than a week.

Although the two are yet to utter a word about their alleged affair, sources close to the two suggest they could even be planning for a wedding.

“What I can say is that Brown and Amber are really close. I don’t know whether they are romantically involved, but from what I know is that they have become very tight this year. It’s not a wonder if we have a wedding maybe sometimes next year,” said a close confidant of the Mawazo hit-maker, who asked for anonymity.

Brown Mauzo, who is popular for his other hits such as Kizunguzungu, Hakuna Kulala ft Naiboi, Nitulize ft Alikiba, Zagada and Apotee, is said to be head-over-heels for Amber, whose lives the textbook socialite life.

Her days are characterised by driving top of the range cars, dining in exquisite spots and wearing the most fashionable clothes, among other ‘highlife’ living propensity.

Efforts to reach out to the two for their side of the story hit a snag after they opted not to pick our calls or reply to our inquisitive messages.