‘I was heartbroken’ – comedienne Jemutai recalls how she met Professor Hamo

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On Fri, 25 Jun, 2021 11:46 | 2 mins read
Comedienne Jemutai and Professor Hamo. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM
Comedienne Jemutai and Professor Hamo. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Comedienne Jemutai had gone for Churchill Show auditions when she met comedian Professor Hamo in January 2015.

On her Youtube series dubbed Raw and Candid, Jemutai says she was heartbroken at the time and Hamo offered her a shoulder to lean on.

"A girl was heartbroken and he(Hamo) offered me a shoulder to lean on," Jemutai noted.

She recalls all the memories they made as she unraveled their love story noting that they could go out to eat together at that time they only earned Ksh 1000 per show.

Hamo would often share his dreams with her and the bond became stronger and Jemutai revealed she was there to celebrate Hamo when he bought his first car.

At the time when their love blossomed in December 2015, their careers also had peaked and the two were big and sensational in the comedy business.

They, therefore, decided to keep their relationship very private to an extent of hiding it from colleagues and even their boss Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill out of fear of the unknown.

In 2016 February, Jemu got pregnant with their first child Jeremy.

Hamo further confirmed Jemutai is indeed his second wife and he is a proud family man.

The two lovers triggered netizens' opinions when Jemutai hit headlines with negligence accusations, calling Hamo a 'deadbeat'.

After a heated exchange between them, comedy chief Churchill Ndambuki stepped into their rescue.

In a Twitter post, he stated that he held talks with them and agreed to solve the matter in private.

Hamo further asked for a DNA test to be conducted and the results came out 99.9% showing he was indeed the father.

He took to social media to address the matter with an apology, pleading for forgiveness from his wife Zippy, Jemutai, and all his children.

The two resolved their differences, and on Jemutai’s 30th birthday on May 29, Hamo clarified that Jemutai is not his baby mama, as she has been commonly referred to, but his wife.

“She is not my baby mama, she is my wife,” Professor Hamo replied when asked if he has sorted issues with his baby mama.

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