DJ Fatxo breaks down in tears after ugly altercation with Jeff Mwathi’s mother

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On Tue, 23 May, 2023 10:28 | 2 mins read
DJ Fatxo breaks down in tears after ugly altercation with Jeff Mwathi's mother
DJ Fatxo cries during radio interview. Photo/Screengrab

DJ Fatxo was overwhelmed with emotions as Jeff Mwathi's mother Anne Wacuka literally ripped him into pieces during a radio interview.

The embattled Mugithi star showed up for an interview for the first time after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) failed to charge him in connection with Jeff Mwathi's death.

DJ Fatxo was joined by Jeff’s mother via a phone call during the interview with Massawe Japanni.

Anne Wacuka insisted that DJ Fatxo killed her son during the interview. She repeatedly called the Mugithi a killer insisting that he murdered Jeff and got away with it.

Wacha nkuambie, aliita mtoto wangu kwa nyumba na akamuita akaenda na yeye nko na video, nko na audio nko na kila kitu. Yani hii ni ushahidi inaonekana kabisaa kutoka mwanzo mbaka mwisho.

Mtu akifanya makosa ahukumiwe. Hio ni vibaya sana, achukue mtoto wangu kutoka kwa nyumba akaenda na yeye. Mtoto wangu mimi nampigia simu namwambia enda nyumbani huyo akasema atampeleka nyumbani atamdrop so alikua amempagia. So hakuna kitu ntafanyima nikose kusema ni wewe. Ni muuaji na aliua mtoto wangu,” Jeff's mother ranted on air.

DJ Fatxo broke down in tears as Jeff's mother went on a tirade calling him a killer.

The Mugithi star further defended himself and insisted he was unfairly accused of murder he didn't commit.

"Hapa kuna haki mara mbili. Am I not a Kenyan also mwenye anadeserve kupata haki yake? How would it feel when your son or your daughter is accused of kitu yenye hajafanya? Na kwanza anaambiwa ameua. I wish you also took your time also to call my mother," DJ Fatxo said.


DJ Fatxo's lawyer said the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji recommended an inquest to establish the cause of Jeff Mwathi’s death.

Lawyer Duncan Okatch in a media briefing on May 17, 2023, stated that DPP agreed with the findings of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI ) that there was no evidence to suggest criminal culpability on DJ Fatxo's part.

“Our client is happy that the truthful position he has always espoused and maintained with regard to his innocence has come out at last,” Okatch said.

He said the DJ is thankful to the DCI and the DPP for exhibiting great standards of professionalism, independence and focus despite what he termed as clearly orchestrated public and social media machinations aimed at obfuscating the truth and injuring his reputation.

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