Diamond causes Bien, Eric Omondi to start quarrelling again after agreeing to end their beef

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On Mon, 8 Aug, 2022 18:20 | 2 mins read
Diamond causes Bien, Eric Omondi to start quarrelling again after agreeing to end their beef
Sauti Sol's Bien, Diamond Platnumz and Eric Omondi. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Eric Omondi and Sauti Sol's Bien called for a truce to end their beef but the delicate ceasefire broke moments after Diamond Platnumz jetted into the country.

Bien and Eric Omondi have been quarrelling since late 2021 when the comedian took a swipe at Kenyan musicians.

Eric picked up a fight with Bien and other artistes after he blamed them for the sorry state of Kenya’s music industry.

The controversial comedian claimed that Kenyan musicians were lazy, predictable and redundant. According to him, the aforementioned attributes led to a takeover of the Kenyan music industry by Nigerian and Tanzanian artistes.

His remarks attracted angry reactions across the music industry, with a section of musicians asking him to accord them the respect they deserve.

Eric and Bien nearly fought each other at a concert headlined by Jamaican dancehall sensation Konshens at Carnivore grounds.

Bien confronted Eric over his disparaging remarks about Kenyan musicians being lazy and an argument ensued between the two.

Early this month, Eric and Bien announced a ceasefire when they rubbed shoulders during the launch of The Manhattan club - a joint owned by the Sauti Sol lead singer.

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“Supporting a brother!!! Congrats on your new Win, lakini bado hauna nywele Kipara ngoto. @bienaimsol,” Eric Omondi wrote.

To which Bien replied;

“Thank you Mr. President. Your presence was highly appreciated. I owe you big time. Beef season officially ended.”

Eric, Bien break ceasefire because of Diamond

The comedian once again rubbed Kenyan musicians the wrong way because of what he said after Diamond Platnumz performed at Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance rally at Kasarani stadium on Saturday, August 6, 2022.

Eric congratulated the Bongo singer for bagging the deal to perform at Azimio’s final rally before he took a swipe at Kenyan artistes for ‘failing to rise to the occasion and take their place’.

Eric again strongly condemned Kenyan musicians as he showed YouTube statistics indicating that Bongo musicians are the most streamed artistes in Kenya.

“The top 5 Most Streamed Musicians in Kenya are Tanzanians. Let me Explain why!!! There are certain things they are doing that we aren’t. SIT YOUR A** DOWN and LISTEN!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!!Entertainment or Music is not Just about your music!!! It's about your LIFESTYLE!!! Where do you go? Who are you dating? How are you dressed? Look at these people's lives.

"Harmonize made noise for a whole 3 months just “asking Kajala to come back to him” Diamond buys a Rolls Royce, Goes on tour promises to buy a private Jet and two weeks later jets into Kenya in one!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! KENYAN MUSICIANS ARE SIMPLY BOOOOORING and it will get you NOWHERE!!!!” Eric Omondi ranted.

Eric's post attracted the ire of Bien who couldn't help but slam him. He further claimed that everything about Kenya was wrong.

“Another opportunity to talk shit. I knew you can’t miss this. Everything about this country is wrong. Governance , Education, Corruption lakini wasanii ndio mtaingilia. Take that advice and shove it up your ass. What groundbreaking things are you doing? Mark my words. WE WILL RISE AND CONTINUE TO RISE,” Bien responded to Eric's post.