Ben Githae counters Benjamin Zulu sentiments of broke people indulging in relationships

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 23 Jul, 2021 10:16 | < 1 min read
A photo collage of Gospel singer Ben Githae and relationship couch Benjamin Zulu. PHOTO/COURTESY
A photo collage of Gospel singer Ben Githae and relationship couch Benjamin Zulu. PHOTO/COURTESY

Gospel singer Ben Githae has responded in retaliation to popular relationship coach Benjamin Zulu's advice that financially strained people should stay away from relationships.

Zulu argues that broke people should rather look for money than indulge in dating and finding love.

Taking to social media, Githae dismissed the advice noting nobody really knows what tomorrow holds.

The 'Tano Tena' singer has asked ladies to give broke men a chance because the future is unknown.

He further gave several examples of people who started from the bottom together and now they are some of the most successful people we all envy.

"I have seen this guy Benjamin Zulu say that broke people should forget about relationships and concentrate on looking for money. Jameni some of the people we consider blessed today including Barack Obama married when they were paupers."

He continues to say;

"What if Rechal Ruto despised the DP in the early 90s, what Mrs SK Macharia looked down upon her husband in the 70s? Gutiri uui ta Ngai niutigaga mundu ni thina akandika wira uria wakuhikia thutha wa miaka iri.( Nobody knows tomorrow except God. You might leave someone because they are broke, then the same person employs your husband after two years)

Githae's argument received varied reactions with most refuting them as delusions.

The financial aspect is a crucial part of our day to day lives and from the societal set-up, a man is supposed to be the provider.

So much so that it is quite evident in the wage gap between males and females even now in the 21st century.

However, the topic remains quite debatable as it tones down to personal choices, information and a whole lot of other aspects.