Avril reacts after her new song hit less than 1k views in 8 hours

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On Tue, 3 May, 2022 11:50 | 2 mins read
Singer Avril. PHOTO/ @theavieway/Instagram
Singer Avril. PHOTO/ @theavieway/Instagram

Avril is among the veteran artistes Kenya has ever had. From Hello Baby to Nikimuona, her songs used to hit the airwaves, one after the other.

But over the years, new artistes have emerged while some veteran singers like Nameless and Wahu are still trying to release songs here and there.

Avril. PHOTO/Instagram

Avril, who is now a mother and a brand ambassador isn’t really active in the music scene nowadays. The singer recently released a song dubbed, Danger, and in 8 hours, the song had 900 views on Youtube.

Popular blogger/journalist Nimrod Nick took it to Instagram wondering what could be the issue. He wrote, ‘Y’all doing Avril dirty. What could be the issue?’

Avril. PHOTO/Instagram

To which Avril replied with:

"Don't worry, when I die, the songs I've done over time will trend at least for a while, maybe even get love. Never worry. Thanks for the post, the mockery and the love."

The song featured Brandy Maina, a fast-rising Kenyan artiste. She also reacted to how netizens went crazy over the number of views. On Instagram, she wrote: "They hate when they don’t understand."

Avril. PHOTO/Instagram

Below are some reactions from the comment section:

It's terrible. Sometimes artists can lose relevance when they don't engage their audiences time to time. It's inevitable!

Avril is lazy. She feels entitled,who knew kuna wimbo ametoa? when was her last interview hata kwa blogs?

Hio critique should make her aim for more, hunger for more. Alipost wapi we anticipate new music.

When you don't engage your fans or audience and you are about to drop a project such situations always happen….I think she released the song knowing she is a brand and boom disappointments

Something you will rarely see is Kenyans sponsoring their vidz on YouTube itself l saw so many paid music vid ads by Nigerians, indians n so on but rarely Kenyans especially these established ones. Shows you how they hate spending on stuff such as adverts.

Have you seen that nobody should brag that they have many followers on social media coz I just checked Avril has over 1….Million followers on i.g none of those people watch her songs its not just the new song I have gone to her youtube channel with over 100k subs all her recent songs have 2k 4k 10k etc views even some under 1k views… Its not hate youtube has what we call algorithm if you don't follow protocal of posting your songs won't go…

The song has now hit 18,000 views after the reactions.

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