Anerlisa Muigai vacates Nairobi mansion after auctioneers raided her home

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On Sat, 28 May, 2022 10:21 | 3 mins read
Anerlisa Muigai abandons Nairobi mansion after auctioneers' raid
Anerlisa Muigai. PHOTO/Anerlisa (@anerlisa)/Instagram.

Anerlisa Muigai has moved out of her multimillion shillings mansion in Riverside Drive, Nairobi shortly after auctioneers raided her home.

Auctioneers stormed Anerlisa's Nairobi home on May 18, 2022, and demanded to cart away property in a bid to recover an unpaid debt.

The auction was tied to a case which infamously played out in court and on social media in 2018. Anerlisa's ex Ben Kangangi and Dennis Mwangeka Mombo sued her for defamation after she referred to the two as conmen in her post on social media.

Anerlisa Muigai secured a Ksh13 million loan

At the time, Anerlisa claimed that Kangangi had lured and defrauded her into signing on for a Ksh13 million loan. Some of her high-end vehicles were placed as security.

Kangangi asked Anerlisa for a Ksh20 million soft loan back in 2015 when they were still dating. She gave him Ksh7 million and asked him to source the remaining Ksh13 million balance elsewhere.

However, Anerlisa said she later discovered Kangangi and Dennis Mombo were working in cahoots to defraud her. She said the two were conmen and they moved to court to sue her for defamation.

The case dragged in court until April 6th 2022 when disgraced judge Said Chitembwe ordered Anerlisa to pay Ksh2 million in compensation to the defendants.

The high court found Anerlisa guilty of defamation after failing to prove the statement she made about the ex-boyfriend and Dennis Mombo.

On May 18, 2022, Kangangi and Mombo dispatched auctioneers to Anerlisa's house to seize items in a bid to recover the debt.

"My house help called me and told me 'Madam kuna watu kwa gate wanasema wamekujia vitu za nyumba na gari,' I was like, 'Apana they have the wrong house number'. She said, 'Apana wamesema wamekuja kwa Ann Muigai na wako na documents hapa'. I quickly told her to send me pictures."

"Shock to me I was being sued for defamation. I sent my lawyer the documents and he asked me two questions. Were you ever served by anyone? I said no. did anyone alert you that this case was going on? I said no. He said then this case was done maliciously to get me off guard and extort money from off me,” Anerlisa explained the raid at her house in a post on social media.

Anerlisa Muigai abandons Nairobi mansion after auctioneers' raid
Anerlisa's post on IG explaining the raid at her house. PHOTO/Anerlisa(@anerlisa)/Instagram.

Anerlisa has since moved out of the Nairobi mansion weeks after the auctioneer raid. She took to social media and shared a clip showing the huge mansion was now empty.

Anerlisa Muigai sold Range Rover

The Keroche heiress also revealed that she opted to sell her Range Rover Velar which she bought in 2019 at approximately Ksh8 million.

“Also I thought I should mention… there are car dealers reselling my car. Be aware the car found a buyer. Parking is so empty,” Anerlisa said.

Anerlisa Muigai abandons Nairobi mansion after auctioneers' raid
Anerlisa Muigai announced she had sold her Range Rover Velar. PHOTO/Anerlisa(@anerlisa)/Instagram.

Anerlisa has relocated to Nakuru. In early April 2022, she announced that she had moved to Nakuru even though she had not vacated her Nairobi house.

“Some asked me why I decided to move and live in Nakuru but truth is, Nakuru is peaceful. Peace is the new me,” Anerlisa Muigai wrote.

Anerlisa Muigai abandons Nairobi mansion after auctioneers' raid
Anerlisa Muigai explained why she relocated to Nakuru. PHOTO/Anerlisa(@anerlisa)/Instagram.

Anerlisa moved to Nakuru also because of her company. She was staying in Nairobi even though her company is located in Naivasha, Nakuru county.

She is the founder and CEO of Nero Company Ltd –  a premier luxury beverage company which sells Executive Still Water brand.

Anerlisa founded Nero company sometime in June 2013 to produce premium drinking mineral water after resigning from Keroche Breweries.

Her company is based in Naivasha at the same complex as her mother’s company Keroche Breweries Limited.

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