Amber Ray: Bullying nearly forced me out of school

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On Sat, 1 Oct, 2022 13:28 | 2 mins read
Socialite Amber Ray PHOTO/@iam_amberray/Instagram

Controversial socialite Faith Makau, alias Amber Ray has disclosed that constant bullying almost forced her out of school.

The socialite mother of one is among Kenyan social media personalities who have never shied from speaking their mind no matter how controversial.

Bullying in school

In a video on her YouTube channel, Amber narrated that her primary school life was stressful due to bullying.

The socialite explained that she was bullied by girls because of a boy who liked her; little did she know that other girl liked the boy too.

As such, Amber was subjected to bullying to a point where she wished to quit school.

“There was a boy who liked me back in primary. Unknown to me other girls also liked him. They used to bully me and accused me of walking around

“I wished I quit school but I couldn't tell my parents because they thought I was hard-headed. Sometimes I would use a longer route just to avoid those girls. I hope wherever they are they are suffering like they made me suffer,” she said.

Amber Ray
Socialite Amber Ray PHOTO/@iam_amberray/Instagram

Bullied by teachers

Amber also disclosed that she was bullied in high school too.

However, this was even worse since the head teacher and other teachers were the ones on her case.

Amber said it got to a point where the school head was interested in her romantically forcing her to sneak out of school.

“I was bullied by teachers and the head teacher because I was the only student from Nairobi. My dad had told the school to never send me away because of school fees

"So the principal kept reporting me over different issues. He was interested in me romantically and it made me hate school. That is why I ran away for 2 months and went hiding at a friend's place," she added. 

Amber Ray miscarriage

Elsewhere, the socialite recently disclosed that she lost her ex-lover, Jamal Rohosafi’s pregnancy.

Amber noted disclosed that she discovered Jamal was not divorcing Amira after he posted his first wife and their two sons on his social media account shortly after she (Amber Ray) got pregnant for him.

She noted that the stress brought about by discovering Jamal wasn't divorcing Amira caused her to suffer a miscarriage.

"And then that's when everything came to light coz after that is when he posted the wife and the kids and I felt like no something is not right. Why would you post someone that you are going through a divorce with?

“I was going through a lot people abusing me on social media and now am in this place am so confused about what is going on. But unfortunately or say fortunately I got a miscarriage," Amber said.

Amber Ray PHOTO/@iam_amberray/Instagram

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