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Feeling unmotivated? Get your wi*l power back

By | 6 days ago

We might have the best intentions and plan to do something, yet end up not doing it. The numerous gym memberships that expire every month are testamen...

Image used for representation. PHOTO/Pexels
Show up for your mother every single day

By | 1 week ago

I know that most of us pseudo-adults work for public holidays. Semeni ukweli please. I mean, we might thoroughly enjoy our work, but we all turn into ...

Stressed young woman. PHOTO/Print
You only got this one life, break free from constraints

By | 3 weeks ago

A friend recently asked me what I would do if time and money were not objects of consideration. I could not answer as time and money are indeed object...

A man
When you are your own obstacle

By | 2 months ago

P****e are often told that their behaviours are an aggregate of those of the p****e they hang out with. This means that any bad behaviours can easily ...

Bike riding for exercise. PHOTO/Pexels
10 ways young p****e can manage arthritis

By | 6 months ago

When you hear of arthritis (inflammation of the joints), you probably think of old p****e. But this disease can actually show up in p****e as young as...

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