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Writer, consulting editor, publisher, journalism teacher, practicing journalist and communication consultant. Currently teaching at School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Nairobi. Email address: [email protected]

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NGUGI: Why some Kenyans will regret treating Covid-19 restrictions as a Govt. joke

By | 4 years ago

Some Kenyans have taken to hiding in tea plantations to party or faking death to travel kilometres across the country despite Covid-19 containment mea...

Nakuru town
NGUGI: Police beatings, to say you were caught unawares by curfew is a joke

By | 4 years ago

On the morning of Friday, March 27, 2020, information that the curfew would be imposed was all over the media....

NGUGI: Why this high school students’ banter caught me off guard

By | 4 years ago

UoN lecturer eavesdrops on a conversation involving students who attend elite national schools and their views on politics disturbs him....

Ngugi: My lovely drive to Eldoret, the city of champions

By | 5 years ago

Naivasha police are notorious for their zealous arrests, even funeral and wedding processions are said not to be spared if caught speeding....

JKIA expressway
Ngugi: 10 reasons why it is hard to satisfy Kenyans

By | 5 years ago

Dr Muiru Ngugi's outlines 10 reasons why it is quite difficult to please, rather satisfy Kenyans on development projects. ...

Ngugi: Today’s megachurches look like beach hotels

By | 5 years ago

Our elders mode of worship is a testimony that it's not necessary to flaunt wealth or to be flirty with the Lord to get his blessings....

Excessive Greed Sign of Cultural Malaise

By | 5 years ago

Muiru Ngugi Over the last few years, Kenyan headlines have revealed a deep-seated malaise afflicting Kenya’s, and Africa’s, emerging culture.  Am...

Kereita Forest in Kiambu County
Ngugi: The old man Mirara and the discovery of carbon dioxide gas in Kiambu North

By | 5 years ago

The man who discovered carbon dioxide gas that is currently mined at Kireita Forest was known as Mirara wa Gitome. He was a hunter-gatherer who specia...

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