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Trump and Biden
ONSANDO: An in-depth analysis of what Trump-Biden race means for Africa

By | 3 years ago

As the November 3, election draws closer, we have an unprecedented number of Africans with access to how the race is playing out....

Kenya Ferry Services
ONSANDO: Why Kenya must move beyond restrictions, lockdown in fight against Covid-19

By | 4 years ago

The false dichotomy we presently have is that our choices are reopening the economy or face a mass loss of lives. ...

ONSANDO: How Covid-19 will impact world trade and new opportunities it presents

By | 4 years ago

Covid-19 could be viewed as a propeller for growth in new sectors while reviving declining or otherwise dormant sectors....

ONSANDO: How to manage concerns and emotions about coronavirus pandemic

By | 4 years ago

In the wake of the physical pandemic that is the coronavirus lies a much less understood and acknowledged pandemic, an emotional pandemic. ...

ONSANDO: Lessons from Taiwan on how to successfully battle coronavirus pandemic

By | 4 years ago

One of Taiwan's strengths has been presence of medical experts in Cabinet as well as a President with critical experience gained during SARS outbreak....

Kenya’s happiness index is 4.583 out of the possible 10, making it stand at position 121 in the world, the UN's World Happiness Report shows. [PHOTO | FILE]
ONSANDO: Coronavirus outbreak might change Uhuru’s legacy priorities

By | 4 years ago

Coronavirus pandemic is likely to impact the Kenyan economy in three ways: significant reduction in GDP, reduction of trade flows and increased unempl...

Charles Njonjo
ONSANDO: Moi was a lion and a fox, the case of Charles Njonjo

By | 4 years ago

The lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must, therefore, be a fox to recognize traps, and a lio...

Musalia with Uhuru
ONSANDO: What Mudavadi’s ride in Uhuru’s chopper means for 2022 succession race

By | 4 years ago

The optics of President Kenyatta tagging along Mudavadi, and not his deputy Ruto or Raila, to Garissa event, speaks volumes....

Mike Sonko
ONSANDO: Where the rain started beating Sonko

By | 4 years ago

Because of its conservative nature, the deep state abhors unpredictable, maverick and populist elements of whom Sonko is the poster child....

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (L) and Deputy President William Ruto (R). [PHOTO | FILE]
ONSANDO: Ruto’s possible 2022 playbook after losing in ‘Raila’s bedroom’

By | 4 years ago

Whilst his demeanor may not show it, Deputy President William Ruto is not taking his loss in Baba's bedroom lightly....

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