Stranger dives into lake to find lost mobile phone

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 24 Aug, 2023 06:00 | < 1 min read

A woman’s unfortunate mishap turned into a heartwarming rescue when her dropped phone into a New Hampshire lake found an unlikely saviour.

The Sunapee Police Department said in a Facebook post that Dianne Bonfiglio accidentally dropped her cellphone in the dock area of the lake over the weekend, prompting concern for its recovery from the deep waters. Fortunately, a young man named Simon happened to be on a pontoon boat nearby with his friends.

Displaying exceptional kindness, Simon volunteered to dive into the lake and search for the submerged phone, which had sunk to a depth of 15 feet. Equipped with goggles donated by a worker at Harborside Trading, Simon ventured underwater and succeeded in retrieving the phone on his very first dive.

“There was a crowd of onlookers that all cheered when he found it and when Dianne realized the phone still worked,” the post said.

The heartening moment was witnessed by a crowd of onlookers who cheered as Simon surfaced with the phone. Miraculously, the retrieved phone still functioned properly.

Moved by Simon’s selfless actions, the Sunapee Police Department affectionately dubbed him “Saint Simon” for his heroic efforts. The incident serves as a reminder of the goodwill that exists within communities, where strangers come together to offer assistance in times of need.

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