Murang’a: MCAs raid clerk’s office, furniture destroyed

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On Wed, 17 Apr, 2024 11:46 | 2 mins read
Scattered furniture and documents at the clerk's office after MCAs stormed in. PHOTO/ Wangari Njuguna

Chaos erupted at the Murang'a County Assembly on Tuesday evening April 16, 2024, as the members raided the office of the clerk destroying the furniture.

The MCAs, who had been at the premises since morning, were planning to move a motion to replace two of their colleagues from the County Assembly Service Board after passing a motion to oust them last month.

The agitated MCAs claimed that the House business committee deliberately adjourned the motion to frustrate them.

Hell broke loose when one of the ousted members brought in an injunction court order restraining their removal from the board.

The order was served to the clerk who was to present the same to the members in the afternoon session.

Annoyed by the new development, the MCAs went on a rampage and in the process furniture at the reception and the clerk's office was destroyed.

Scattered furniture and documents at the clerk's office after MCAs stormed in. PHOTO/ Wangari Njuguna

Police officers quickly responded and managed to control the situation, restoring calm.

According to Moses Muchiri, Muguru ward MCA, the members have been pushing for the removal of the two MCAs from the board after accusing them of misappropriation of funds.

Muchiri claimed that the two MCAs, who represent all other 47 members, have been colluding with other officers to squander their money meant for allowances and that their salaries have been delayed for several months.

"Our agenda today was to pass the motion to remove the two and replace them with others who we selected but someone played a trick to make sure it doesn't happen," Muchiri said.

The MCAs vowed not to resume any sessions until the matter is resolved, with them having their preferred candidates in place.

"No business is going to take place in this assembly until we have the two out of the service board," he remarked.

Sherleen Wambui, a nominated member, said they have not been paid their salaries for the last five months.

Wambui also said they have not been getting the allowances for the committee meetings which is demoralizing them.

"We are not able to go to the grassroots to meet our people because our pockets are empty," Wambui said.

When reached for comment, clerk Kuria Thuita said the allegations by the MCAs are not true but admitted there has been a delay in paying the salaries and allowances.

Kuria however said the matter is beyond his control as there are bureaucratic procedures from the Treasury that are to be followed.

"I understand the Mcas are frustrated because they have not gotten their pay but we are working on that," the clerk said.

On the removal of the ward representatives from the service board, the clerk said the members did not follow the right procedure and thus the motion could not have gone through.

"The two members they want to replace in the board were not passed on the floor of the assembly and there were no support documents for the same" he added.

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