‘Nitakua pastor’ – Miracle Baby promises to preach gospel once discharged from hospital

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On Mon, 12 Feb, 2024 17:22 | 2 mins read
Miracle baby
Miracle Baby recuperating in hospital. PHOTO/Instagram (@carolkatrue1)

Gengetone rapper-turned-Mugithi singer Peter Mwangi alias Miracle Baby has revealed plans to become a pastor when he gets discharged from the hospital.

The artiste who was speaking from the hospital on Monday, February 12, 2024, affirmed that he would be joining the clergy to preach the gospel once he was discharged from the hospital, he also expressed optimism that he would be discharged sooner than expected.

The musician also expressed gratitude to fans who contributed funds for his medication and wished them blessings

"Bwana asifiwe. I'm going to preach. Nikitoka hapa nakua pastor and I will preach. Wenye wamenisupport God bless you, wenye hawajaweza najua mko njiani Mungu anasema hapa ninatoka, ninaeza toka kesho ama kesho kutwa," he stated.

Miracle Baby was hospitalised last month and has been undergoing surgeries.

His girlfriend recently explained that the musician had been ailing from a gastrointestinal condition since 2018.

However, the problem which caused his intestines to rupture recurred in 2023.

"Hae guys the surgery was successful but the intestines had burst and they have managed to wash but he will be going to the toilet through a pipe and they have left some intestines outside for 6 weeks and when he recovers he will go back to the theatre so that the intestines can be returned inside," Carol Katrue explained.

Katrue also appealed for financial assistance to settle the Ksh1.6 million hospital bill.

"Guys we are appealing For funds to pay the bill ….peter will be discharged tomorrow and the hospital bill is 1.6m now….. for support this is my number 0794790255 Carol Muthoni Mbuthia," she stated.

Katrue also took issue with her baby daddy's other baby mamas saying they had gone underground leaving her alone to take care of Miracle Baby.

"Baby mama wamekua wakimfaitia where are they? (Where are the baby mamas who have been fighting for him?)" an interviewer asked Katrue to which she responded saying:

"Hawako mi sijaona ata mmoja. Ata ile kupiga simu kuuliza ako aje hakuna ata mmoja. Hao wanatokeanga, walikua wanafanya hivyo wapate jina ju ata wengine walikua wa kujiwekelea si wa ukweli."

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